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Dance in Dark

My mates called me today

I was so happy I can’t say

I was going to dance in 100 lights

With mates all over in my sights

It was long before in my lands

In the air, all my friends’ hands

But here even the street dogs bark

I used to hide; used to dance in dark

After a long, At last I made some

Mates, to dance like back in home

Out of dark, red green and yellow

Out of silence, welcome, hi and hello

I emptied the glasses with all mixtures

No important was the tie and its textures

I drank without the fear of falling down

Circled with mates though not long known

The sparkling party was about to get over soon

Curse was emerging from what I thought boon

I thought it was same party, same old friends

I thought Party would finish, care never ends

To my surprise, with the party everything was gone

It was all drama; all I could hear was a bye-bye-horn

I was new to the place, intoxication made me hardly see

No one there to offer me lemon juice or a strong black tea

I knew it was a different place with a different culture

Just could see beautiful feathers, Alas! It was a vulture

Far better was my 7 feet room, and outside’s dog bark

Where I could hide; and with myself I could dance in dark

8 thoughts on “Dance in Dark

  1. i dance in dark
    thinking that i am in ratnapark
    just think back home and dance more as much as u can and enjoy lot..
    Ramro cha…..ur selection of title is good.


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