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Do you want the Himalayan views, scenes of sunrise and sunset that is most spectacular outlook in the whole Nepal? Then Daman is the place. Here you get a clear view of the north, east and west. One can also experience culture and religion from the local people and the Tibetan Monastery, and the Temple of Risewor. Only scenarios you say it, but the place is famous for trekking, sightseeing, cycling, rock climbing, pony ride and fishing.

Also there is a Mountain Botanical Garden which comprises over 78 hectares of forest. Not only that but the view tower there is equipped with telescope through which one can enjoy scenarios of Rhododendron flowers and other beautiful hills. Daman is a great place to visit during winter season as the place is covered with heavy snowfall.

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Daman Facts:

Coordinates27°36′29.3″N 85°05′39.7″E
Access100 kilometres (62 mi) southwest of Kathmandu

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Daman Hiking

Hike TitleDestination Date
Hiking from Palung to Daman24/11/2013
Hiking from Palung to Daman07/03/2011
Hiking from Palung to Daman14/03/2010
Hiking from Palung to Simbhanjyang via Daman30/11/2008
Hiking from Palung to Daman07/10/2007
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