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D2QA Team Tri-Monthly Celebrations: The Corporate Team building Ceremony Cigar Special

It was almost 6 pm; we were waiting for our D2QA team to get into the office van, after all the most awaited party was going to take place. Everyone was excited to reach there. It is the place where people from richest families usually hang out. Finally, all of us reach there. We entered the Absolute bar and Discotheque. The whole bar was booked for us, so no one was there other than D2ians. We managed the seats and the porch for dancing.
Thakur Gyawali planned a game to play at the opportune moment and the spark in his mind created a new era in history of such parties to strengthen the bond between team members. The game was to have 5 minutes of discussion with the each person sitting on right with the person to their left. After the 5 minutes of discussion everyone has to speak about the next person’s life story for 2 minutes. We all enjoyed the talk session. This was not a game but an opportunity for every one of us to know each other.

We were shocked and amazed knowing the life story of one from others. We knew a lot about Thakur, Nilesh, Kumar, and Vishnu from those portions of their lives which was kept hidden because we never explored in this fashion. The crush of Prashant got heavy sigh and applause as it was such a well kept secret. Prajwal Hada, Abhisek, MaheshK and Sudhir also expressed their romantic endeavors. Hitesh was not in when the program was scheduled because of his calls that day; else we would have found more on him. Our Guests Upendra and Anup helped making the party alive by their experience.

Bindu, Jyotsna, Ava, Tejaswee, Usha, Brija, and Sushmita did not hide a bit about their current state and the historical facts. Not that we could learn about romances, crushes, and secrets only, but also about Education, previous jobs, and future plans of D2 Quality Assurance team as well.
After that we all began to dance on dance floor. It seemed that everyone was a professional dancer.

ThakurG danced extremely well followed by Tejaswee and Prashant on the lead with Bikesh floating. Everyone was waiting the puff of the expensive Havana CIGAR and taking photo. Everyone enjoyed a lot of drink, variety of previously unseen snacks, and the superior dance blended with the music. At 9:30 pm we had the farewell dinner. Finally it was 10 pm when we began to manage vehicles to dream for the next such gala event. We cheris those moments when the team members puffed the Cigars which they had never experienced before and It was Heavenly Smell.

😈 πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜† πŸ™„
01-After 9 months of interval finally
02-AnupB listening to their discussion
03-Cheer up guys Im going to light another one as well
05-Come on nilesh ji lets dance
06-Come onnn yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhh
07-Dance dance dance
08-Discussion time just to be prepared for the game to play
09-Do u wanna give a try
10-Everybody ready to take a shot
11-Feel like im in heaven
12-Forget about her take our snap she is always bg in mobile
13-Hitesh — Ahhhh so nice cigar ..Anup-Oh really let me try one shot
14-Hmmmm like the one i had in US
15-Hukka mero … !!
16-IF everyone is smoking then why not I
17-Im Wine .Im Whiskey
18-Its the time to disco….!!!
19-lava ji look how i can take the shot
20-Let me give a try to this one
21-Lets have ours as well
23-Maichyang hoei maichyang.. Chyangba hoei chyangba
24-THe BAr the absolute bar
25-This is the way to somke cigar
26-Time to go now ..!!Cheers
27-What a nice picture- This wall picture was the root cause of smoking cigar
28-Why is everyone interested in this place only
29-Kamal under full trip