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D2Hawkeye Services and growing competitions

D2Hawkeye Services is one such IT organization in Nepal that stands out from most of the companies in the way it has a great working environment with divergent skills of people in the IT sector. Not just that, the remuneration given in the company is one of the highest in the market. It is also believed to be the only organization in the entire nation that was able to achieve a much acclaimed Certification of CMMI III. The company has shown tremendous growth in the market starting from a number of less than 10 to almost 300 in a few years time.
However, the only company assumed to be the best one in IT until a few months ago may not be any more with the advent of new companies in the same sector.
The organization may not have threats from long existing companies like Mercantile, World Link or World Distributions as they deal with local clients. However there are other companies like Javra, LinkTree, Pioneer Solutions that deal with clients outside Nepal. As these companies emerge to grow better, there will be a competition opened to the IT talents of the country.
The closest tie that D2 can assume is the establishment of a company who in nature is very similar to D2. It is called “Deerwalk Inc” and has many operations close to D2.
Deerwalk also has its main targets as interns from Pulchowk Campus, a renowned engineering institute from the country, as claimed in its web site: It also is an off shoring company with its head office in Massachusetts like D2 has. Besides, it also claims to be a CMMI company following many processes D2 does.
It looks like this organization has borrowed lots of ideas from D2 or it could be a mere coincidence.
In any case, such company establishments always work as a boon for the country, leveraging the skill set of Nepali IT professionals as well as boosting the economy of the country.