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D2 Waltham Soccer – 8/12/2008

Report: John Cassella
Caption: Pawan Shrestha

Camera: Siddhi Kayestha

Fubol madness continues. Despite the Olympics and the threat of a thunder storm 18 hearty souls played on. This match saw the debut of the new practice bibs which would make any EPL side jealous. These beauties were underwritten by the anonymous Nepali industrialist who is globally acquiring franchises. Out of respect for P.T. Barnum the squad accepted the gift.

Lightning struck for Les Bleu with Nilesh scoring first and showing why he is in contention for the D2 Golden Boot award. Greg who missed last week’s match with some lame excuse quickly made his presence know. His scoring threat widened the field forcing Pawan Shresthra to sit back and defend cutting into his own scoring. He was frustrated when he launched a rocket into the scribe’s mid section.  Thanks to forty years of drive through and super sizing play continued and Tika converted this fine block(?).

Pawan’s production cutback for the Red side was only a temporary setback  Sudeep stepped up with cannon like shots. Once again the Ghmire brothers made their presence known. Always on the forefront of fashion Bijay sported an official Nepali Jersey. Sanjay “The Doctor” held office hours for his clinic on mid field clearing shots.

IN the second half Omkar showed what he is made of with two scores. Tika who was everywhere provided the highlight of the match. His fancy moves thwarted  Omkar’s Hat Trick. Pawan P kept Les Bleu alive and put   Raju the goalie through his paces.  His powerful kick put the official D2 camerman Siddhi to work. As darkness set in Nilesh declared the match officially over and  with “it is five o’clock somewhere” bravado declared “Miller Time.

Nilesh: We are on with our new Scrimmage Vest!

01 omkar speaking we are on the field

02 already dark

03 a quick break after warm up

04 discussing the game plan ahead

05 game starts

06 bijay moving forward

07 reds vs blues

08 bijays kick

09 john passes to sanjay

10 blues march ahead

11 tika and pawans towards the ball

12 pawanp misses the goal

13 pawans waiting to pass

14 nice save by bijay

15 john heads back after the save

16 game continues

17 save by bijay

18 raju from the goal post

19 sudeep dribbles the ball

20 bijay sticks to the post

21 bijay kicks the ball

22 tight defense

23 sanjay with his signature move

24 john tries to sneak in

25 pawanp moving forward

26 omkar and sanjay after tika

27 raju had to clear the ball many times

28 was it a goal

29 nilesh dodges bijay and raju

30 watch for sanjays move

31 nilesh surrounded by defenders

32 tika coming from right

33 greg and sudeep

34 tika tries to intercept omkars move

35 p2

36 john and tika waiting for sudeep

37 omkar ready for next goal

38 shot of the day

5 thoughts on “D2 Waltham Soccer – 8/12/2008

  1. In pic 06, it seems a guy is kicking another guy in the ground – are not they suppose to go after the ball instead of fooling with themselves 😆 ?

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