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D2 Football League – Gameweek 6 – Verisk Rhinos vs Products Pirates

This game was important to both of the teams as Rhinos were desparate to open their points account whereas Pirates could not afford to lose anything unless they want themselves out of the title contendership. The final score, however turned to the pirates’ favour, 0-1 the final scoreline.

Rhinos’ new signing, Ram Krishna Wagle was in the starting 11, whereas Pirates were without their midfield Sakar, and Rajiv in the gloves as their regular #1 Keshav was out due to injury.

There were few promising attacks from the new boy but could not impose any significant impact as there were very less support from the team mates specially after his captain had to leave the field in the mid of first half. He landed head first in the middle of the ground forcing him to leave the game. 

The focus of the whole game was Asim from Pirates team though. He had a rollercoaster ride in that game. He was in action from the very beginning. 

Strong header from a corner in the 5th minute hit hardly into the crossbar. He missed as many as 3 clear chances of scoring on one to one situations with Rhinos goalie in the second half. Nevertheless, he was the sole scorer of the match; a beautifully executed corner in the 25th minute scrambled in the Rhinos 6-yard box and Asim netted the ball into the post.

Rhinos tried to come back in the second half and showed some aggression as they won 4 consecutive corners at one time. Pirates held the Rhinos attack somehow till the final whistle.

The win lifted the Pirates to 2nd place with 4 points from 3 games. Rhinos still pointless in the bottom of the table.

Final Score

Rhinos 0-1 Pirates


0-1 Asim(25′)


Products Pirates:

1.Rajiv(C), 2.Prajwal(15.Raju, 20′), 3.Manoj, 4. Manish, 5.Bhanu(6.Bimal,38′), 7.Bhabuk, 8.Jeevan(13.Shamesh, 47′) 9.Vinay, 10.Sajan, 11.Binod, 12.Asim

Verisk Rhinos:
1.Pramod Gautam 2.Himal Karmacharya 3.Shankar Subedi(C) 4.Siris Bajracharya 5.Prabesh Shrestha 6.Ujjwal Hada 7.Manoj Khakurel 8.Ram Krishna Wagle 9. Piyush Joshi 10.Roshan Sainju
11. Santosh Koirala

Match Report: Rajiv Shrestha

Match Photos: Bhaskar Bhattarai