2008 May – D2 Football Flicks

Posted by: Prashanta

Things are heating up and so is D2 football team. Last week’s practice session started Saturday May 03, 2008 07:00 am. With the rising heat above the head it was 10:30 when we finally stopped practicing. It was a good game with around 20 people turned up for the practice.

Old team members now catching up after long breaks, D2 team is now started taking a shape. The mixture of good forwards and defenders, players are now waiting to display their talents. Motivation of the team is at highest levels with new jersey and is ready to take up any rivals.

Finally, the display of personal talent in the field during practice session was enormous, but, who will be picked up is interesting to watch.









































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  1. CheerGrls

    yea sure u old models can be ‘old’ models in futbal corporate.. provided u dont go hiding behind trees panting heavily.. i think i saw few doin just so in that Yamori Yomari. match. :lol: :lol:

  2. SuitablyWell

    yes it can. Heard a rumor on that Yamori Yamuri Yomari Yomuri is first victim after comments on this site. Old Lions did better than smart young jackals, a dose to CheerGirls

  3. heavycomments

    heavy comments have not been answered by commenters. useless site and blog. what’s use blogging if you do not reply


    Hello Not Quite,
    “hitesh..sudeep..sirish..shankar.. maan! can they really chase the futbal and WIN???”
    Come to ground once and see it…. if feel like play once than you will come to know about football than you will say ooo these players are great. and these are only the players to win D2 games.

  5. Prashanta

    That’s because not too many younger players are appearing for d2. The team is selected based on performance during the practice sessions.

  6. bishwa

    Where is the discussion about football gone?

    people do a little bit of modelling while playing foo :cry: :cry: :sad: tball, what’s the big deal in that? besides it’s our right, coz we’re on the ground ;) :mrgreen: … some spectators can come for modelling too if they feel like…. we don’t see anyone around the ground to see us playing :twisted:

  7. FanNotQuite

    NotQuite, Is it good if Corporate FootBall is like Nepali Congress? Old 88 yr old girja do not leave and young Gagan Thapa still get chance to rise up in PR. Keep up the flavor football blogger! futballer, ball player goalkeeper.

  8. NirajS


  9. NotQuite

    not quite next generation prashanta.. when u have budha players in ur team. :lol: :lol: .. hitesh..sudeep..sirish..shankar.. maan! can they really chase the futbal and WIN???. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol: :lol: :lol: :twisted:

  10. Prashanta

    Here’s the much anticipated next generation D2 squad.
    Richan, Shankar Sharma, Shankar Subedi, Prashanta (C), Hitesh, Sakar, Sajan, Liggaj, Ram, Roshan, Bidur, Bijay, Bishwa, Nabin (GK), Sirish, Abhishek, Sudeep Adiga, Prabin, Manoj, Manik, Shamesh, Mahesh, Asim, Bishal, Babin
    The starting lineup for tomorrow’s match will be announced shortly

  11. CorporateFootBallGirlsFan

    CheerGrls, you too join us for modelling in D2 Corporate FootBall. Enjoy as much as you can by playing with us. Prashanta, You r right . I found it ranked #3 when I entered “Corporate Football” in google and pressed the pedal.

  12. ESPN

    I am ESPN employee and Fan of your article I got links from google when searching with specific terms. Thank you all for keeping football Spirit Alive.

  13. sssssshhh

    model haru sabai laakha paakha laage, comments garna ni sakenan? sharma gaye kya, shram ke maare labj phutti nahi.

  14. Lava kafle

    footballkiChoori, please team up with related group soon for your considerate efforts to fulfill and to make your dreams a reality. I will see you in person in the football field If I can re-play football with new efforts.

  15. HakimMukhiFootballLahar

    New request from PawanKShrestha shed new light into dooming football industry run by Prashant, which I hope will now recover when whole group and Pics will be announced in EverestUncensored.org.
    Kam Chhaina Kaaj Chhaina, Ye kaudi, Tero Hakim EBC gaye ni himal chadhna gaye ni, Tero Office Sarkari ho ra, aafno duty nagarne? Hakim dekhinas bhane ta Nindra ni laagdaina ki kya ho talai? Kaam nagarepachhi kasari nindra laagos.
    FootBall pani yestai le garda Bhaadiyeko hola pakkai.
    Aba dekhi sabai Haakim Compulsary Football khelna aaunai parchha saturday at 6 AM, to protect the spirit of futbal constitution. Natra Yestai Durdasha sabai futbal team le bhognu parchha.

  16. FootballkiChoori

    Ammai ni Baa, HajurBaa, Choora, and Naati Models!! Do not expose too much when modeling with your FutBal and Hand Guards. It makes me impassionate to join your club on Saturday Morning at 6 AM. I will take a leave here in US to join you people.Prashant, you never invited me to join your club, did you? I want to be next model beside you.
    I like PawanKShrestha asking for group names and full Photographs. I can pose near Prashant, my dear. I am used to playing Mango like American Football, not your circular Futbal.

  17. PawanKShresthaFAN

    Prashant, Did you read about what PawanKShrestha wrote? Reply. Now comes Football Group party time with all members from D2 Team being displayed.

  18. himalVisitorThruMobile

    Hey “kaam chhaina kaaj chhaina”, What do you mean by EBC. I searched Wikipedia, but could not locate it.

  19. PawanKShrestha


    Why dont you also also post groooop -teeem- foto and names? Ko ko kun team baata ho bhanne pani thaha paaunu paryo viewers haru ley.


  20. kaam chhaina kaaj chhaina

    chup kaudi haru… kaam kaaj chhaina… hakim haru EBC gako mauka parera din bhari EU ma comments…!!!

  21. Pro-Process-Follower

    Process followr is right. It is called Football Process integrating models which is audited by uncensored and gave NC because of Modeling which was not defined in FootBall rules.

  22. Process-Follower

    I think Prasant must have defined his own process and documented and following the same process for football .

  23. Bhogi

    According to wikipedia, you got hit at the point of contact, the time of accident, and the duration of inertia and momentum. It depends upon how much force did the Tackler Exerted to dismantle the Opponent/Counterpart

  24. Co-Moderator

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    IPL is a three-letter abbreviation with multiple meanings, including:

    -Indian Premier League: A Twenty20 cricket league in India
    -iPodLinux, a port of uClinux to Apple’s iPod
    -Interrupt priority level
    -Internet Public Library
    and so on.

  25. manishfan

    dear manish, prashanta laai football maa pichha chood deu na yaar. Usko Acting maatra ho ra, Usle kaam ni garera dekhaauchha ra timiharu jasta laai Ice Cream rupi maam ni khuwauchha.
    Anti_Prashant, aawaj, sssssh, sabai kata daugre mora haru. Thanks sweet lovely comments of same Manish, Manis, Mans Bro

  26. Manish Shakya

    Prashanta ko acting ramro cha, realistic cha, but other person cud not act well, taysaile modelling gareko prastai dekhiyo. btw, thanks prashanta for ice cream.

  27. FootballFan

    Watching IPL and commenting on football, bad habit guys, come to ground then you will know what we are doing there.

  28. Prashanta

    Ya rite. we’re planning for a match this Saturday. I’ll take any criticism on team performance or whatever after that. But you need to watch the match before you can comment.

  29. Prashanta

    easy guys. this is no forum for anti EU or anti moderator or anti-anything. this is my post. post something pro-futbol instead..or anti-futbol, if you like.

  30. SiTalG

    Hi! everybody. more debate is only good for debate no solution, be practical. they are just practicing not playing final match, ani kina criticize garne??? just respect the rule of every game/profession,

  31. AntiEverestUncensored

    I agree with Anti moderator. Moderated Sites like in this one which has very few Visitors will Die soon If it starts Moderation.Hell with the Moderator

  32. AntiEverestUncensored

    I agree with AntiEverestUncensored. This site has no use if it stops every comments that are posted

  33. anti moderator

    How can you call this site uncensored when blogs with no offenses being removed. I will not visit this site again. Thank you moderator.

  34. moderator

    While in EU, we do appreciate and encourage Freedom of Speech BUT DO NOT encourage personal attacks and Foul language. Whoever it might be regardless of any discrimination. Any comment with personal attack will be moderated. EU Admin

  35. Prashanta

    :grin: nice to see so many interested viewers. now focus on the subject matter guys. don’t turn this into public animosity forum. post some more comments on my photu, how about that?

  36. Anti-Prashant

    Son: “Daddy Daddy Prashant dada lai sabai le kinna testo comment pathayeko?”
    Daddy: “Khai babu, hajurbuba lai sodha”
    Son: “Hajur ba, hajur ba, Prashant dada lai sabai le kinna testo comment pathayeko?”
    Hajur ba: “Ahmm, Ahmm, khai ba, buda pakka le bhanthiye, jasle sliding tackle garda anuhar bigarcha, uslai sabai ko bigreko anuhar herna parcha bhanchan…”

  37. PrashanteClone

    Hey guys and gals, I am clone of Prashant. He has hidden his tails by not commenting. My Vision and Mission STtaement is: FottBall is a game that includes all.

    DONOTWEEP cannot say to Lava that he will call and BreAK HIS LEGS. That is unFAIR.
    Lava, Please do not use word DAMN again.

    My Divine Kisses to FootBaller, sssssh, Kodi, Anti KOdi, and Kodi ma Bug.

  38. Lava Kafle

    FootBaller n ow comes to the real deciison making process. thanks Fren. We all are part of same Matrix and Oracle. It is all HIS Oracle that we Play different types of Balls and Score Differently. We model in different ways. But why do you think that those Critic SuperCritic SuperModels could not get chance to Pose there?It is Democracy is not it in Football team like Liverpool Clubs? Not Anfa.

  39. Footballer

    Those who are criticizing, why are so frustrated, is it because you can’t play or is it because you cannot wake up early in the morning, or is it because you can’t pose as a footballer?

    I am not getting a point here why criticizing someone when you are not a part of it.

  40. lava kafle

    Damn DONotWeep, Mero FootBall Khelne chaahana maa antar Ghaat nagar. Kasle kasko khutta bhaachne ho, ki taauko phutaaune ho during counter play thah chhaina. Hehe, mero ta euta chhora bhaisakya chha. tero kati santaan chhan? Tesaile malai mero jivan ko Ugra prem laagdaina yaar.

  41. DonotWeep

    Lava, I have some tactis on bringing you to play FUTBAL again. Come to Institute of Engineering Pulchowk at 6 AM on Saturday. I will give you medicines as i am a doctor and will break your legs by sliding.Proper Word is tackling.

  42. lava kafle

    Prashant, please tell me how can I get enliven again to get full heart and capabilities to play football? I have taken Shilajit, Chaven Parash, Yarsha Gumba, Glucose, Horlicks, Viva, Bournvita , and aLL. i am sorry Still i am senile. I have even visited Physiotherapist in Jorpati hospital so that i can play football.
    They say my leg is slant. If I click left , the ball will go right, so never secured a goal in my Life. However, i was good as a FULL_BACK, Half Back and Runner.

  43. Prashanta

    Futbol is the game for everyone. irrespective of religion, ideals, political views. when you come to a futbol field you forget everything and driven by the rules of the game only. That’s why it’s the most popular game in the world.
    One more thing you need to realize is politics is about people, not just politician. Hence, politics is attached with everything we do.

  44. pic 171 and 177

    compare pic 171 and 177.. the guy not in orange is seen chasing the football in 171 and in the next foto 177.. while the guy in orange is acting like he’s tacklin the ball .. the former guy is conveniently standing with his hands crossed behind … somebody explain.. wats goin on?? were they really playing or just acting like they were playing.. comon guys!!!

  45. Out of phase

    Hya Lava dai, ke ke lekhnu huncha huncha. Kehi paani bujhiyena. Tapai sadhai yestai kura garnu huncha ki kya ho. Manche le kasari bujhlan. Jhan football ko coach banai diyo bhanne ta ..afnai post ma goal hanlan striker haru le …tyo paani leg guard kholera :grin:


    Welcome to Futbal team, FUTBALL MAOS. EVEN MAOS came to FUTBAL mainstream!!! FUTBAL and Politics go hand in hand. Our heads are football of politicians, Play Football Be good in Politics.

  47. lava kafle

    haha Out of Phase, balla Bujhen ni, Corner maa laagya bhaye Usko Whoever ko Garho hunthyo ni future, to have , Imagination like mine: have a football team around a single Dinner table. It is sufficient to get worried and that Fact why i left our Team. I do not want to be senile.

  48. anti footballer

    Thank you footballer, but no thanks, malai bihana bihana 6:00 am ma uthera kattu lagayera, khutta ma lagaunu parne leg guard hath ma liyera, mukh bandar ko jasto garera modelling garnu kunnai rahar chaina. :evil:

  49. Out of phase

    Haina lava dai, corner part bhanne pani huncha. Prashant le jhandai corner part lai out of phase gari dinna lageko thiyo. Bichaara counter part.

  50. Lava Kafle

    leg gurad lekheko ni man paryo, balla bujhe, maile ta aarko guard bhanthhanya, sorry, Haat ko helmet po rahechha. Leg = Haat bhaako rahechha. hahahahaa

  51. Lava Kafle

    hahaha yesto nepali great I never learnt, Counterpart bhaneko rahechha with special stress, maile ta corner part bhanthhanya, sorry jhandai galat artha lagya.

  52. anti sliding tackle....

    हैन प्रशान्त, सलैदिन्ग ताक्ल गर्नु र सलैदिन्ग ताक्ल को लागि पोज दिनु मा फरक छ नि ! अब कौन्तर पार्त को हाथ मा लेग गार्द छ, त्यो त पोज नदियेको भये के त?

  53. Lava Kafle

    Modelling is like data modelling. Those SuperModels in FUTBAL have to get satisfied by showing their Vital data / statistics with their thighs, body, and brains unlike FTV channel superModels. Anyway Perspiration counts in Present and in Future. Happy Supermodels.
    But please clarify one thing. Tarkari bajar maa kalle modeling garyo? Sorry, Tarkari bajar maa pani ta Models hunchhan ni, Even tarkari are models themselves: Large brinjals, large cucumbers,,large Pumpkins, Large Apples, Everything BIG and lovely.

  54. Kodi ma bug

    aba modelling garne tetro shauk bhayeko manche le bihana bihana 6:00 AM ma uthera kattu lagayera cat walk garnu cha bhanne paani mero bhanne kehi chaina. Imitation nai garnu cha bhanne bandar ko gare bhai halyo ni :mrgreen:

  55. Lava Kafle

    Out of Phase,MODELs Are hot!!
    Out of Phase, thanks for the clarification about my being out of Sync. hehe, but anyway, everything is modelling, nursing, programming, eating, footballing, dancing, backpiking, hiking, roaming, meditating, Everywhere I see models in TV shows. Thanks Guys, even if they get hurt during football play, that is an art, an architecture, and a Superb DISPLAY. MODELs Are hot!!Thanks to all those models who make our lives better. They satisfy our unn ecessary busy brains.

  56. aawaj ko silencer

    1) Milage of bike you are riding : very very bad (can’t even handle 10 km)
    2) Photographs are taken through a camera not a moterbike. Aba petrol bata chalne camera use garne ho bhanne, pheri achaamai bho ba
    3) If so much commited to football practise, then no petrol crisis will stop you from taking photo graphs.

    Criticize gareko haina bhai, this is a healthy converstaoin unlike your moterbike. :lol:

  57. Prashanta

    Ya that’s called sliding tackle. You just focus on the ball while doing that. You dont see people smiling and looking at the camera while doing that. You need to know about football before commenting on that.

  58. kodi haru

    Oh, so people work hard by waking up i the morning. I do that everyday. :?:
    12:00AM samma ta bihanai huncha,
    Football khelna 6:00AM ma janu parcha,
    Ground ma aayera 2-3 hours khelera dekhauna, bihana uthera sutne lai mero bhannu kehi chaina

    YEAH its modelling, (an excellent example that deserves to be imitated)
    Its modelling modelling and modelling which needs to be imitated. Got it.


  59. aawaj

    Well who so ever you are Mr. Silencer you need have a lot of perseverance to wake up every Saturday and drive all 10Km in shortage of petrol to practise the football. It doesn’t matter what you name the photographer. It doesn’t count. But some people are practising things. If you can’t praise them then stop criticizing them.

  60. Out of phase

    Yo Lava dai paani jahile paani out of synch kura garnu huncha. hami garchaum agra ko kura tapai harnu huncha gagra ko kura :shock:

  61. aawaj ko silencer

    Oh, so people work hard by waking up in the morning. I do that everyday. I don’t find that so hard. Photo khichne bhai lai film ko camera man bhanera peer paryo jasto cha. La timlai film ko director nai banai diyen. la bhayo aba? aawaj ma silencer lagyo ?

  62. anti sliding tackle....

    लौ न नि, तेस्लाई सलैदिन्ग ताकल भन्छ? अनि अनुहार चाहिन किन तेस्तो नक्कल पारेको नि. हेर्दै, ताकल गर्ला जस्तो छ प्रशान्त जि.

  63. aawaj

    I don’t think people should make any comment without knowing how hard these people work waking early in Saturday morning. If anyone needed to pose in front of camera, they can give those anytime. This is the art of the photographer as well to capture the rite moments.

  64. sssssshhhh ko bachha

    Son: “Daddy Daddy tyo photo kichne uncle chahin tarkari bazar ko tourist ho?”
    Father: “Haina chora, tarkari bazar ko tourist haina, baru “acchaama ko modelling” bhanne film ko camera maan ho” :razz:

  65. On behalf of all the "ssssssshhh"

    हो हो, यो त असन बजार मा तर्कारी किन्नेको भिड जस्तो छ है. सबै जना एउतै तर्कारी को पछि दगुरी राखेका छन. कस्तो अचम्म. झन पहिलो तस्बिर त कस्तो अचम्म, के गरेको हो तेस्तो बाबै नि.

  66. lau

    yo ta bhayena ni…. manche haru chai jyaan diyera khelee ra chan….. foto matrai herera modeling garya bhandine…. ground ma aayera herrau na … ani thaha bhai halcha ni

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