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Match Report: Pallavi Sharma
Creative Support: Dijup Tuladhar/Ritesh Sapkota/Rejan Karmacharya/Anup Sharma


On a hot dry Sunday morning, the stage was set for a T20 match of D2 cricket team against Butwal Power Company (BPC). Geared up from several rounds of practice matches, the D2 team was ready for a fight against BPC. The BPC team was already at the venue waiting for us.

When the BPC team gave away 21 extras in the form of wides alone, we even called them “Butwal-Wide-Company

The ground at IOE-Pulchowk was a drag with only the inner circle being mowed while the outer circle was more of a meadow than part of a cricket ground. To add more there neither boundary ropes nor flags. The match was supposed to start at 7 AM but by the time the first over was bowled it was way past 10 in the morning.

While the D2 team consisted of youngsters, the opposite was the case of the opponents barring a few including Piyush, Prabal and Sanjeev. For once I thought the players were all “veterans” and even imagined them clad in the traditional coat-pant-tie attire during office hours. I thought they would pose an insurmountable total given the chance to bat first. Nevertheless, everybody in the opposition was equally interesting.

After prolonged efforts of finding a means to draw out a boundary both teams settled to use stumps and whatever else was available including goalpost that was lying on the ground (yeah!!!). Then there was the toss which D2 won and elected to bat first.

What followed the toss was a round of breakfast (chana+boiled eggs+real) –all provided by BPC. They had their own mobile canteen at service. The breakfast session was as lively as the entire match. After quick breakfast, there was the introduction session where both team members got acquainted with each other.

Match Highlights

• PrabhatS and SumitS opened the innings for D2. Prabhat got caught by PinakiC and was the first victim of BPC’s bowling attack in the form of SanjeevB.

• Shishir then steadied the innings. Sumit wasn’t successful in reaching double figures either and was again claimed by SanjeevB.

• Outside of the field, volunteers of both the teams were busy keeping scores and exchanging comments.

• BPC players even claimed Shishir was playing for them given the dot balls he played during his innings.
• AshishL took charge after Sumit’s dismissal and played a quick fiery innings adding 20 to the total including four 4s before veubf LBW to DibeshK.

• RejanK was the next batsman in. Rejan played a remarkable innings hitting 52 off 38 balls including five 4s and a 6. The opposition ofcourse did regret dropping him on 0. By the time BPC managed to claim Rejan’s wicket, D2 had already posted 136 on the board at the loss of 5 wickets.

• RiteshS, ManishD, MukeshS followed next and lost their wickets in quick succession before the end of 20 overs when the score on the board was 140/8. AnupS remained unbeaten at 1.

• The spectators did get a treat given the good bowling attack of BPC in the form of SanjeevB who claimed 4 wickets, Bandhu who claimed 2 wickets in the same over , DibeshK, PiyushS and Tilak.

• When the BPC team gave away 21 extras in the form of wides alone, we even called them “B-Wide-Company” (which ofcourse they retaliated later with additional comments)

• After a short break, the BPC team sent Sanjeev and Dibesh to open the innings. Sanjeev was bowled out for a duck by RiteshS. Dibesh was again bowled by RiteshS in his second over. Prabal was the next batsman in who hit a 4 and then got out leg before to PrabhatS.

• PiyushS was the next batsman in when the BPC innings was at 10/3. PiyushS appeared to be the only genuine batsman for BPC- the rest failed to deliver or even complement his performance for that matter. The skipper contributed 28 runs and the only double figure for his team.

• ManishD claimed Bandhu of BPC in his third over and again bowled BalaramB for a duck claiming 2 wickets in 2 consecutive balls. AshutoshM and AshishP claimed a wicket each.

• RejanK claimed 3 wickets in the form of Yagarth, Diwas and DeviT. Rejan also managed help AshishP claim Pinaki when he dived and successfully made a catch.

• BPC team did not survive the bowling attack of the D2 team and were bundled for 82 in 18 overs.

All in all, the sportsmanship of both the teams was fantastic. The hospitality shown by BPC was worth admiring. At the end of the day, both the teams were already discussing as to when the next match would be. Thanks to KeshavB for volunteering to be the official photographer.


It was a fabulous team effort. Everybody in the team contributed for the win. It was great to see that weeks of practice had actually paid off”- RiteshS

The scorching Sun was not an excuse for team to not play at its level best. A marvelous batting display by Rejan supported by stupendous bowling helped us win the match. It was a great team effort.” –Anup Sharma praises the team after a convincing win

Finally D2 guys have proved worth of their regular practice. It’s definitely a team effort and indeed a great victory. Rejan was outstanding player of the match. Special thanks for the admiring coordination from BPC players. Great game D2 players. Hip Hip Hurree” – Sumit K Singh

Match Statisics:

Team1/ Captain : D2Hawkeye Services/ Ritesh Sapkota
Team2/ Captain : Butwal Power Company/ Piyush Sainju
Venue: Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk
Date: 6 June 2009
Match Volunteers: PallaviS(Score card),KeshavB(official photographer),NipunT(photographer)


Players Runs
Prabhat Sainju

Sumit Singh

Shishir Raj Adhikari

Ashish Lamichhane

Rejan Karmacharya

Ritesh Sapkota

Manish Dhakal

Mukesh Sah

Anup Sharma

Ashutosh Mishra

Ashish Parajuli

c PinakiC

c DeviT


c SanjeevB

c DeviT

b SanjeevB

b SanjeevB

b Bandhu

b DibeshK

b Tilak

b Bandhu

b Sabheev

b Sanjeev

Not out










Total Score in 20 overs 140/8

Dipin Shrestha(12th man)
Pragya Ratna Bajracharya

Bowlers Overs Wickets

























Players Runs
Sanjeev B b RiteshS 1(3)
Dibesh b RiteshS 1(10)
Prabal Bhattarai Lbw b PrabhatS 4(4)
Piyush Sainju Not out 28(39)
Bandhu b ManishD 7(14)
BalaramB b ManishD 0(1)
TilakA C RejanK bAshutoshM 1(3)
PinakiC C RejanK b AshishP 5(6)
Yagarth b RejanK 2(3)
Diwas C ManishD b RejanK 0(1)
DeviT C AnupS b RejanK 3(6)
Total Score: 82