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D2 Cricket League – Day 2

Game Title: D2 Cricket League – Day 2
Date: April 10, 2010
Game Location: IOE Ground, Pulchowk
Game Coordinator: Mukesh Sah, Ritesh Sapkota, Abhishek Gupta
Photos: Ravi Sharma, Suyesh Nepal
Photo Captions: Prajowal manandhar, Suyesh Nepal, Pravinda Ranjit, Keshab Ghimire and others
Report: Keshab Ghimire, Nishikar Sapkota
Creative Support: Sangharsha Bhattarai

It was one heck of a thrilling day in the D2 cricket tri-series 20-20. We witnessed two intensely dramatic matches of the highest quality.

The first game was between Operations and R&D. Players and supporters of both sides were at the IOE ground at 7 A.M. sharp. However, there was some bad news in store. The students of IOE decided to have their own cricket match in the morning. Disappointingly, we were made to wait until 11 A.M. But, as anyone present on the ground that day will tell you, the wait was worth it!

The Operations team had lost their captain Anup Sharma due to a finger injury from the previous game. They were being led by cricket’s ultimate fanatic, the man himself, Ashutosh Mishra. Operations won the toss and elected to bat first. A lot was expected from the electric opening duo of Bishesh and Prajowal, especially after their incredible performance in the previous game, and sure enough they didn’t disappoint. Once again they built a steady opening stand of 42 runs and set the stage for fireworks. The R&D bowlers looked down and out. But, after the first wicket fell, R&D looked to capitalize and trigger a collapse. However, Operation’s star player, Suman Shrestha had other ideas. With some sensational shots to the boundary he silenced his skeptics once and for all. R&D did fight back though and once again the Ops middle order crumbled. It took some late batting heroics from the ever resilient Bhuwan Gautam to take Operations up to a respectable total of 117 runs.

It was always going to be a tough chase for R&D but they were not going to go down without a fight. Opener Ashish Lamichhane fell prey to some fine bowling by Suman Shrestha but Subodh Gurung played a classy knock of 19 runs to keep R&D in the hunt. It was a day of wides and byes. It soon became pretty clear that if R&D were going to win then it would be due to some undisciplined bowling from Ops. It was a race between extras and dot balls. Shishir Adhikari did play a steady innings of 25 runs but simply couldn’t get enough balls to the fence. At one stage the lanky Amendra Shrestha came out to bowl but had to retire due to cramps after just two deliveries. Clearly, the heat was mounting and so was the tension in both camps. 38 required of the last five overs …. 27 from 24 …. 17 from 12… and as expected the match went down to a nerve racking final over. Biraj Shakya was entrusted with the final six deliveries. R&D required 8 runs for victory. But ice man Biraj kept his cool and bowled a tight line. The R&D batsmen buckled under the pressure. Even the usually brilliant Ritesh Sapkota couldn’t get the ball away and Biraj ended up giving just 2 runs off the final over to hand a thrilling five runs victory to the Operations team.

Second match between R&D and QA started only at about 2.30. Both teams were playing their third match with the aim of adding 2 more points clearly. R&D won the toss and was elected to bat first. Aashish played his all over’s matches from first match and scored the 33 runs out of 38 balls and the team set the target of 137 by playing for whole 20 over with the loss of 5 wickets scoring 136 runs. Now it was the turn of QA’s team to chase the highest target in this tournament. Their performance was average initially. The score was 66 runs with the loss of 8 wickets at 12th over. 9th wicket partnership took the score up to 93 runs at 17th over. At last 3 over, the outstanding batting of Sajan Sangraula took the score 120 at 19th over. The situation was to make 17 runs at six balls with last wicket remaining in the hand. The batting of sajan continued with same pace with the help of Deepak and the team could make only 15 runs at last over and loosed the game with only one run. Sajan scored 28 runs out of 23 balls.

First Match

Team Operation vs Team R&D

Team Operation won by 5 runs.
Team Operation’s Inning (20 overs maximum)

Bisesh Maharjan lbw b Chiranjib 8 18 1 0 44.44
Prajowal Manandhar b Ritesh 5 12 0 0 41.67
Biraj M. Shakya lbw b Chiranjib 0 3 0 0
Suman Shrestha b pravinda 17 16 4 0 106.25
Anish Tuladhar b Ritesh 9 3 2 0 300
Mukesh Sah b Pravinda 4 7 0 0 57.14
Deepak Maharjan c Subodh b Pravinda 0 4 0 0
Amendra Shreshta lbw b Ritesh 5 8 1 0 62.50
Asutosh Mishara b Subodh 10 9 2 0 111.11
Bhuwan Gautam b Chiranjib 10 7 2 0 142.86
Prabash Jha not out 0 4 0 0
Extras (lb 2 b 10 w 36 nb 1) 49
Total (10 Wickets ; 17.1 overs) 117

Fall of wicket


Player O M R W Econ (n w)
Subodh Gurung 4 0 17 1 4.25 (5 w)
Ritesh Sapkota 4 0 26 3 6.50 (9 w)
Chiranjib K. Karna 3.1 0 17 3 5.38 (10 w)
Dipesh S 1 0 14 0 14 (5 w)
Pravinda Ranjit 2 0 6 3 3.00 (2 w)
Dipin Sherstha 3 0 25 0 8.33 (5 w)

Team R&D’s Inning (20 overs maximum)

Player Bowler R B 4s 6s SR
Subodh Gurung c & b Suman 17 30 3 0 56.67
Aashish Lamichhane lbw b Anish 0 5 0 0
Shisir Adhikari st Prajowal b Bishesh 28 49 3 0 57.142
Pawan KC lbw b Bisesh 3 12 0 0 25.00
Dipin Shrestha b Bishesh 5 9 1 0 55.56
Ritesh Sapkota run out Prajowal 2 4 0 0 50.00
Dipesh M run out Biraj 0 3 0 0
Asim Khanal not out 1 1 0 0 100.00
Pravind Ranjit not out 0 1 0 0
Extras (lb 4 b 8 w 43 nb 1) 56
Total (7 Wickets ; 20 overs) 112


Player O M R W Econ (n w)
Suman Shrestha 4 0 20 1 5.00 (10 w)
Bishesh Manandhar 4 0 21 3 5.25 (9 w)
Biraj M Shakya 4 0 17 0 4.25 (4 w)
Ashutosh Mishra 4 1 24 0 6.00 (8 w)
Anish R Tuladhar 3 1 15 1 5.00 (11 w)
Amendra Shrestha 0.2 0 0 0 (0 w)
Mukesh Sah 0.4 0 3 0 4.48 (1 w)

Second Match
Team R&D’s vs Team QA
Team R&D’s Inning (20 overs maximum)

Player Bowler R B 4s 6s SR
Subodh Gurung c Abhisek b Satyajeet 14 21 1 0 66.67
Aashish Lamichhane b Satyajeet 33 38 5 0 86.85
Shisir Adhikari b Abhisek 14 16 2 0 87.50
Tejaswi Rana b Abhisek 16 23 1 0 69.57
Ritesh Sapkota not out 20 10 3 0 200
Dipin Shrestha not out 1 3 0 0 33.33
Extras (lb 3 b 6 w 29) 38
Total (5 Wickets ; 20 overs) 136


Player O M R W Econ (n w)
Utsav P 2 0 10 0 5 (3 w)
Prabhat S 3 0 21 0 7 (5 w)
Abhisek Gupta 4 0 24 2 6 (11 w)
Manish D 4 0 28 0 7 (4 w)
Satyajeet Sah 4 0 15 2 3.75 (5 w)
Pratik Joshi 3 0 29 0 9.67 (1 w)

Team QA’s (20 overs maximum)

Player Bowler R B 4s 6s SR
Pratik Joshi c Ritesh b Subodh 0 3 0 0
Aakash D Shakya lbw b Subodh 6 18 0 0 33.33
Abhisek Gupta c Shisir b Dipesh 21 25 2 0 84
Satyajeet Sah b Dipesh 0 2 0 0
Prabhat M. Saiju lbw b Pragya 2 4 0 0 50
Manish Dhakal lbw b Ritesh 3 7 0 0 42.86
Adam Manandhar b Pragya 1 5 0 0 20
Utsav Pokharel b Ritesh 0 2 0 0
Sajan Sangraula not out 28 23 4 0 121.74
Awanish Ranjan lbw b Subodh 11 12 2 0 91.67
Deepak V. not out 10 6 1 0 166.67
Extras (lb 2 b 11 w 38 nb 2) 53
Total (9 Wickets ; 20 overs) 135

Fall of wicket


Subodh Gurung 4 0 15 3 3.75 (5 w)
Ritesh Sapkota 4 0 15 2 3.75 (6 w)
Dipin Sherstha 2 0 18 0 9 (8 w)
Dipesh S 4 0 29 2 7.25 (12 w)
Pragya Ratna Bajracharya 4 0 27 2 6.75 (4 w)
Pravinda Ranjit 2 0 18 0 9 (3 w)

45 thoughts on “D2 Cricket League – Day 2

  1. I want to give some love to our OOPS! friends by bowling as hostile as I can.. FAST and SHORT.. If the cricket ball doesn’t bounce (and miss the head) the other balls will!! Take Care..

  2. @ Suyesh :- Oops !!! her lines depict “May the best team win!!!” 😀 .. 😛

    @ Pallavi :- We have damn good players here this time. Got chance to photograph some while they were running for run…

    We did our best last year,
    and i guess it was the first ever D2s’ Cricket match played. Like football we should continue Cricket as well.
    Lets practice more.

    PS:- Take it as a fun.

    Good going guys (Y)

  3. It’s good to see that finally theres a cricket league……….and the increased number of spectators too 🙂
    I definitely am going to miss all the matches and esp score keeping 🙂 Have fun guys and may the best team win!!

  4. @Sanket S : Its really great to see our Alumni supporting the game …………bro be there for final too next week:)…….

  5. Don’t need to be the International dresscode… it should meet the requirement of the dresscode of the tournament……………..

  6. r u blind ? do you see white there?
    Disagree fully with Ashutosh. If you know cricket Dress Code must be maintained. If you guys cannot buy necessary gadgets for cricket playing like 5 year old children wearing anything or nothing , Dont Play. Discipline must be in sports ground. why say this

    @FashionDressCodeShringar : in 20-20 white dress i didnt have seen in the international games.if really dresscode should be maintained then white is also not the proper dress code.

  7. @FashionDressCodeShringar : in 20-20 white dress i didnt have seen in the international games.if really dresscode should be maintained then white is also not the proper dress code.

  8. ho, ho, laaj nabhako shame on all those team makera and players and captains, Like those comments:

    “””D2को Cricket मा अर्को company को jersy लगाएर dress code भन्ने। लाज् लग्दैन
    @@:@Prajowal Says: ए मुर्ख तेस्तो सेतो लुगा त सबैले लगाको छ। सबैको फोटो राखेर “real player” caption राखिदेउ ‘””
    I do not belong to your company. Your company must be strict on this regard

  9. Disagree fully with Ashutosh. If you know cricket Dress Code must be maintained. If you guys cannot buy necessary gadgets for cricket playing like 5 year old children wearing anything or nothing , Dont Play. Discipline must be in sports ground.

  10. all teams are playing for shield not for dress or any other stuff. so players of both team in final should concentrate on game. this tournament is held to make more friendly environment rather than making a useless discussion. it will look good if players of both the team come in white dress for final. it is not compulsion but it looks good in ground.

  11. ye murkhaa…send your best selected photo with the caption you like ..we will put it in the cover page…dont be baby………….

  12. @@:@Prajowal Says: ए मुर्ख तेस्तो सेतो लुगा त सबैले लगाको छ। सबैको फोटो राखेर “real player” caption राखिदेउ

  13. @Sishir : Let other be happy with snaps and the photo caption we will celebrate our happiness with the shield…..What say brother….Go RND Go….

  14. Dresscode was simply “track and tee-shirt white “….doesnt matter which company jersy it is ….at least he followed that much………..keep it up Prajowal, the top scorer till now (yello cap) we will get u a yellow cap too from Oops dont worry ..hehe…………final ma 50 score garaa hai …(y)

  15. D2को Cricket मा अर्को company को jersy लगाएर dress code भन्ने। लाज् लग्दैन

  16. shame shame puppy shame all the donkey naya shame, cricket does not allow you to put your hand on waist. bowlers on ball and batters on bat.

  17. Oh yea, being (almost) perfect is a different thing and saying “I am a real player” is a cheap way of another thing. Dress code lai perfect bhaneko? Lol.. good excuse but doesn’t seem to work. If you’re a good player, everyone will see it.. u need not scream urself.

  18. No need to be sorry for anything ,everything is perfect ………..You are a real player no doubts i guess ……and a perfect dress code..:)…………..keep it up…… the same in the final too ……..cheers for Oops ………great going guys…

  19. Well, I would like to trully apologize if the caption above (or before) have been insulting to anybody.
    And, abt the REAL PLAYER CAPTION, it was MEANT TO BE for the DRESS CODE not the PLAYER.
    SRY, for giving troubles to all of YOU! I AM SORRY ONCE AGAIN!

  20. 5-chuckys-innovation : Great invention ….Please carry a copy-pen if not a laptop for final …Lolz………
    Great bro …………

  21. I heard Game is also a Peace Zone. Guys please dont make the platform and its reporting a argue one.

    Anyway, i would like to congratulate the Winning Team.

    Mostly the Reporting is Praise Worthy.
    Keep it up!

  22. I think you have writen the captions for all the selected photographs. Is that the way to chase for team spirit or you are frustated .. “Aru lai tapain nabhane pani aafai mapai” … hahah grow up man this is not secondary school.

  23. k ho kta ho.. jhadga po gari ra chan ta yaha ta..

    @reply: first of all.. i’d ask you to write your name.. testo comment lekhnu nai cha bhane.. have the guts to let people know who you are… ani i dont think theres anything wrong in criticizing.. sabai lai man parnu parcha bhanne jaruri ta chaina yo post ra captions..
    i know who posted this.. and it was voluntary.. so i dont blame anyone.. tara if this was done voluntarily… even the photographer took photos voluntarily.. i wouldnt call them “so called photographers”.. if suyesh found some captions insulting to individuals.. i’d say i found your words insulting…

  24. Its really great too see all the D2 cricket players/lovers in ground all day ……Hope we have this type of games regularly ……….thumb up guys …(y)…………Go Opps go get the Shield home………..:)

  25. @reply: Whoever you are, did u ask any of them.. in your cheap words “so called photographers”? Who told you to select photos or write captions? If you are doing a job, do it properly else someone else will do it. This attitude will lead you nowhere.

  26. Mr. Suyesh:- Had anybody asked the owner- the so called photographers they would have answer :- I don’t have time to do such stuff, take care of this.Or some other words pertaining the same meaning. So, plz don’t blame the photo selector/caption writer. They’ve completed the post in spite of their regular work.

  27. It was really nice experience to play cricket after a long gap. I would like to invite all cricket lovers to be in ground for the final and put your hands together for the team.

  28. Whoever selected the photos should have asked the owner/players to select them, repeated photos r boring! Also, I found some the captions insulting to individual.

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