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304. Corn-Hung
Photo By: Rabi Chamling Rai
Post Date: 27th Nov, 2008

Description: This method of hanging large amount of corn is found throughout the hilly villages of Nepal. They call it “Makaiko Thankra” in Nepali.This is meant to preserve the corn for long period of time so that they can use it for different purposes of food through a year.
I took this image during my visit to the Temple of Manakamana in the district of Gorkha. For me this image is like a portrait of typical village of Nepal.

5 thoughts on “Corn-Hung

  1. Dear Rabi I am not suggeting you to use Photoshop to avoid those wire. You could do so on the spot while composing this picture. We never practice such procedure to make our picture better. It’s againest ‘Photojournalism’ ethic.

  2. thanks dilung bro!! and thanks shutterbug !! i’ll take ur suggestin.. infact i had realised it when i saw it in mi computer.. n i don’t use photoshop so i couldn’t take oof those wires.. thanks aniway..

  3. Rabi Good to see your another post here in LIN. “Makaiko Thankra”: Good ‘subject’. However it would be better shot if you could avoid those distracting wire and composed “Makaiko Thankra” including its base.

    Keep posting!!

  4. cheers mate….. but i guess frm now onward i’ll have to send the pic directly so that it would’nt need to get enlagarged to look funny… 😀

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