Posted by: Awsiv

drenched with shadowy pain, 
u shook and shivered; 
like a gazelle 
in the rainstorm, 
flooded by the river, 
of your bleeding heart; 
u waited on me...

rain from u'r clouded mind, 
washed away my words. 
my conscience - 
the seeds of wisdom, 
pecked at, by birds 
of moronic absurdity. 
alas! i spectated..
this pillory of 
my wounded fate, 
this inactivity of 
my futile self, 
may this be concealed 
may this be preserved, 
for my eternal remorse
Condemned was last modified: September 17th, 2007 by Awsiv

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  1. loona

    the pillory of wounded fate,
    the inactivity of futile self…
    the eternal remorse ..

    Biswa, nice poem, a poem full of pain and agony.
    I wish there ain’t any adversity of yours to remorse eternally. Keep on writing.

  2. Lava Kafle

    This is a proud world of GOD where Indemnity is not a solution
    Remorseful as you are must confer upon HIM to get a boon
    Bleeding heart of yours shall be healed by HIS Providence
    Relax, tune, and wait, for HE is there to pacify you

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