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Lava Kafle


Christmas: Inside Story>>BirthDays are not Significant?

Why we celebrate birthdays? Record them for historical purposes and celebrate BirthDays say Christmas. We celebrate the day in the cold season of the year hoping to get look at that star that appeared at the time of HIS birth. Why people do not know when Goddesses were born or Mary was born? What is birth? Why you were born?

Astrological thinking which is old and conservative says that the very day can be the same it was like in previous year,so, should be celebrated to get new inspirations and blessings from heaven. Heaven is mix-up of stars,planets and other bodies that radiate their power onto us.Without heaven or Meta-Universe, there is no possibility of existense of human being.
Even Arguments on Christmas celebrations exist because some say”Revelation 12:1-2 says, “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.” In 3 B.C., it was on Wednesday, September 11th, which was the only day when the constellation Virgo (represented as a woman) clothed with the sun as it entered the mid-body in its ecliptic course had the moon under her feet. Thus, it was during this day, when Jesus Christ was born. ”
So, why Birthdates are favorable or not? What is the significance of the SUN (should be a shooting-star)? Do all world class people have some special Star or Planet appearing at time of birth?
So, I am compelled to declare that the current christmas Party-mood holds in me deeply as I was born on December 26, 1975 and i do not know how to count my age? Is it 2006-1975 or 2006-1975-1, Computerized Date would have different significance and my age would have been calculated differently if Latitude, longitude, Azimuth, Earth Axis tilting angle, Speed of Earth at that time, and the global universal speed was taken into account. Because Atomic time needs to be accounted for. After Christmas Date is known as boxing Day, and Mao tse tung, Charles babbage , henry Miller, John Walsh, Lars ulrich… were born the same day. On Christmas Day December 25, Newton, Dido,Annie Lenox , Rickey henderson..were born.
One interesting thing to note is that prayer “God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life” is used. What it wants to tell? Does it tell that everybody should accept the fate/destiny and god’s power?
Does it happen that those CEOs who celebrate their Business anniversaries feeling deep respect for Spirits of God succeed?
Why is celebration important? once in a year people spend too mcuh for birthday and Anniversaries. Is it unnecessary? I celebrate 3 birthdays: 1. According to Lunar Calendar 2. According to Nepali Calendar 3. According to Solar Calendar. But Why?
I also like to celebrate the birthday of my pet, vehicle, Pen, desk, chair, bed, dress,mobile, tv, and PC.Is it cynical?
Every matter from its birth has some virtue, its end. Even same set of materials produced from same machine (it can be humans :cloning) have dispersed characteristics for ending up in same environment. Has anybody any statistics on which is the best date for starting some new venture? When is the best day to propose for love/marriage( i proposed on valentine’s Day to be surer as i was worried on not finding suitable match for many-many years)?
Does place matter? “Born in the USA ” song is memorable and so does “Last Christmas” which talks about time. So, Place time combination defines something, or, nothing. What happens to new births in Palestine, Somalia, Nepal,Ethiopia, Sudan, Afhganistan,Iran, NKorea? Why Bhutanese Nepali became Refugees and Nepal Government could not accept but US/Canada/Australia are ready to accept them?
What would have happened if Baburam/prachnda or Georgebush/Osama were born at a little bit different time/place?
I wrap up with celebration song:
run run run it’s christmas time
merry merry merry it’s prayer time
do not worry it’s blessings time
eat eat eat and drink wine
dance dance dance so god can find
rest rest rest it’s resting time
dream dream dream it’s sleeping time
ring ring ring it’s the jingle bell
born born born it’s the birth time
rise rise rise it’s Christmas time.

Merry merry Christmas and Happy New year 2007. May all of us have a rebirth.