Chisapani Hike

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RouteSundarijal > Chisapani> Sano Ilam
DateFeb 10 – 11, 2018
Hiking Duration2 Days
CoordinatorAyush Raj Sedhai
ParticipantsBishal Rawal, Bashistha Ghimire, Abhishek Khanal, Mandip Prasai , Saurav Bhandari, Ayush Raj Sedhai, Babin Karki, Rajat Pratap Singh, Kedar Sedai, Ashim Shrestha, Dipal Malla, Shrijal Kaphle, Takdir Bartaula, Subhamrit Bimali, Sushant Pokharel, Mahan Adhikari, Ujwol Shrestha
Report ByMandip Prasai, Shrijal Kafle
Photos ByDipal Malla
Creative SupportKanchan Raj Pandey

Shrijal Kafle

Day 1:
The day started early. We left the college premises with a lot of excitement and hopes about the route. The destination was marked at Chisapani. We left the college premise at 8 am in the morning, had breakfast at Gokarna and reached Sundarijal. Total of 17 hikers entered the Sundarijal and started the hike. The up-straight steps made our hike difficult in the beginning but the beautiful sceneries didn’t let our hopes die. After about 5 hours of climbing those stairs, we reached the top of the mountain and were mesmerized by the mountain views, rivers and the capital, Kathmandu Valley. Then we took rest for few moments and descended for about an hour. Our final destination was marked at about 5 in the evening. The hospitality was admirable. We had our welcome drink and had lunch. The night was more of a enjoyable one rather than tired. We enjoyed campire and BBQ.

Day 2
The first view was the sunrise from the rooftop of the hotel we stayed in. We woke up at 6 in the morning and had our breakfast. After certain time we left to Lapsiphedi, our destination for the day. The route was easier in comparison. The plain road made us happy but made us lose our track. We then wandered for some time and had to run down the cliff, a fun obviously. We then faced a waterfall on our way back and stopped there for our lunch. The next stop then was made in Trout Farm nearby. The first day made us feel tired so the destination mark was shifted from Lapsiphedi to Tea Garden. There, the college bus was waiting for us and we departed to college.

Mandip Prasai

To feel the beauty of nature, DWIT hiking club organized two days hike to Chisapani.

All the hikers assembled in the Deerwalk complex. The bus departed at 7 am in the morning towards Gokarna. As the bus reached Gokarna, all the hikers were provided breakfast by the Hiking club. The breakfast energized all the hikers and they started their hike.

The hike started from the Sundarijal base camp following the sloppy footsteps. The Hikers encountered many slippery rocks in the midway. After an hour of walk from Sundarijal, we reached Shivapuri conservation area.

After 3 hours of continuous walk, we sat for having some snacks inside the forest. We started capturing the beauty of hills and greenery. We further moved towards our destination and reached Chisapani after 5 hours. We stayed for a night there enjoying the sunset and sunrise from the top of the hill. The breezy wind was blowing there. We danced, sang a song and had a lot of fun with the bonfire.

The next day after having breakfast at 9, we moved towards the small Illam and had trout fish in lunch. After this, following the route of Lapsifedi and Jarsingpauwa, finally, we reached Kathmandu.

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