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Charming Flutters

On the occasion of this Nepalese New Year, known as Nepal Sambat 1131 Newar community participated in annual parade in Kathmandu Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010. During the parade ethnic Newar community girls play flute to celebrate the occasion. Here in Everest Uncensored I take pleasure in sharing some photos of these charming flutters who have charmed the celebration of Nepal Sambat 1131. Hope these photos will charm you too.

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90. 10.
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11. 12
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13. 14.

Nepal Sambat, a unique calendar which is named after the country, is based on lunar calendar and is believed to have started during 880 AD when Shankhadhar Shakhwa, a local merchant from Kathmandu, paid off the debts of common people on his own, thus emancipating thousands of people from serfdom.

6 thoughts on “Charming Flutters

  1. Wonderful post you do Shutterbug. You deserves big appreciation for not just posting such great photos but for the effort you do in preserving our rich culture and tradition. Definitely I am charmed by this charming post of charming people. Keep up your good effort.

  2. Amazing. Salute to you for capturing these amazing moments and hats off to Newar community for continuing this priceless tradition. Love them!

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