Changing Calendar From Y2K.

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Dear Readers, Though this one is one of an older stuffs, it is still funny. Hope, you will love to read it for Second time::lol:

To:  My Boss,
From:  Robert G.S.

Subject: Changing Calendar From Y2K.

I hope that I have not misunderstood your instruction because, to be honest, not of this Y to K problem made much sense to me. At any rate, I have finished the conversation. The Calendars have returned from the printer and are ready to be distributed with the following NEW MONTHS:

Januark                Februark              Mak                       Julk

I also changed all the days of each week to:

Sundak                 Mondak               Tuesdak               Wednesdak

Thursdak             Fridak                    Saturdak

                                ………. We are now Y to K complaint.

Funny Stuff

A Very Gud Friday to you All,
CHEERS !!!!:razz:

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