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Chanakya goes shopping – II

Chanakya was frustrated after the incident of first ever shopping day in his life. But he did not want to give up. That was a lesson learned. After a couple of days of depression, he decided to go back to the shopping mall. He reached the shopping complex and started pondering about buying a nice dress for himself because he had to do something. Chanakya was a nice looking handsome man with about 5’6” height and 65 kg of weight. He was a fair colored man with good sense of humor. All of a sudden his eyes caught a beautiful lady. Thanks god this one was not his ex-wife. To his surprise, the lady walked towards him and said “hello!” Chanakya goes “Hi, I am Chanakya.” The lady smiled and thought “what an ugly name for a nice looking man!” She opened her beautiful eyes and moved her hand forward “I am Kopila.” Then both of them did not know what to utter next. Chanakya had never dated any woman. He was arranged married with his ex-wife. He did not know how to invite a woman to a date. Kopila wanted to hear something from Chanakya. She did not hear anything, but she noticed that Chanakya was looking at her breast instead of her eyes. That made Kopila very excited and she sort of liked that someone got attracted to her breast which she was proud of. She went “Hello…” Chanakya said “oh sorry…” Chanakya put together all of his strength and said to Kopila “Can we go for a coffee?” Kopila liked that prompt offer and they went to the shopping mall cafeteria. Chanakya ordered two coffees. The conversation started and continued for a while. Chanakya was looking at Kopila’s figure all the time. She looked awesome – tall, skinny and sexy.

Kopila: “Where do you live and what do you do?”

Chanakya: “I live at Jeff Town and I am a college professor. How about you?”

Kopila: “I live at Romney Square and I am a Sales Rep for a Pharmaceutical company.”

That made Chanakya more excited and he moved to the chair next to her. He pointed a scar on her hand. She said “Yeeeeesssss.” He held her hand and started to rub the scar. “Seems like the permanent one,” Chanakya murmured. “It is birth sign,” Kopila said while taking a long breath. Kopila liked all this. She was feeling very hot inside. The warm touch by the handsome man was something she needed lately.

Kopila: “Are you not surprised that I have come to this coffee date on first meet?”

Chanakya: “Not surprised, but blessed!”

Kopila: “Actually, you forgot me, Mr. forgetful Professor. I am the same Kopila from high school.”

Chanakya: “What….? You are kidding.”

Kopila: “Nooooooooooo.”

Chanakya: “Why did you take this long to reveal it?”

Kopila: “I wanted to surprise you.”

Chanakya: “I do not like it”

Chanakya walked away with still half of his coffee in the cup. Kopila screamed “I am sorry, please do not go away.” Chanakya went back to house and Kopila stayed there with wet eyes. Kopila had first opportunity to get closer to her high school sweetheart. She always loved Chanakya, but was never able to express. She was very close this time, but forgetful professor walked away.