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Breakfast At Half Past Five


Breakfast At Half Past Five

Splattered tomato ketchup
Sends a chill up JD’s spine
Reminds him of his hills
Of his bloodied people.

Boiled eggs, without ketchup, aren’t yummy.

Question him and he will justify
Why the whole neighborhood
Had to ‘awaken’
At Half Past Five.

What’s for dinner?
Goat Brains and JR.

5 thoughts on “Breakfast At Half Past Five

  1. Amita, GhaleGPLBDR has reserved some only for you on your special request. That was just some photography skills in the PIC that he posted as spilled. Actually all the sauce is intact inside the bottle.

  2. Instead of JD and JR, I initially thought of having Nepali names like Ram Bahadur and Ful Maayaa but later decided to go ahead with ambiguous JD (John Doe) and JR (Jane Roe).


  3. Hey Ghale BhaiBahadur Gopal, What is JD or JR, sorry for foolishness of asking, break at five fast whole day, Ketchup and sauces, all together, Brain of Goat juicy

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