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477. Bagh-Chaal
Photo By: Asim Shrestha
Posted Date: 26th October, 2010

Bag-Chaal is an ancient strategic game that originated in Nepal . Two players take control of the tigers and goats respectively. Four tigers surround the goats with the tigers required to hunt the goats while the goats need to block the tiger’s movement.

It’s popularity has been waning being replaced by other modern day games and advanced version of games similar to it. Many people only know the name of the game and are unaware about it’s rules. So let’s try to preserve a part of our rich culture

Camera : Canon EOS Rebel XSi
Aperture : F/5.6
Shutter speed : 1/20 sec
FL : 23mm
ISO : 100
Exposure : -1 step

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  1. Asim

    thanks for the suggestions….
    when i later viewed the photo even i was surprised to get so shallow DOF in just F/5.6 , the head of tiger is out of focus because the camera was very close (may be within the minimum acceptable distance), and i guess that’s also the reason for greater DOF

  2. suresh

    Slight focus shift from the head of the tiger ….. would the positioning the tiger on the diagonal line would have created more impact in the pic……just my imagination…. Very Shallow DOF in F/5.6….

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