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Bad Day?

Have you had a bad day?
A day that you always pray
You pray to stay out of the grey
The grey fog that won’t go away

It’s like you’re trapped in a box
A box with many locks
Locks which are hard as blocks
These blocks are as sharp as a fox

You sit in what you were given
A box with many locks that happen to be sharp
As you sit you pray that you are forgiven
Then maybe you will start to hear a harp

Your hopeless and sad just miserable
You have to say your mood was unstable
A crack of a smile doesn’t even appear
Your face is covered in a tear

You were going to smile
But was it worthwhile?
It just didn’t fit in the style
So in pain you start to run the mile

It’s just one bad day
That led you in such pain
Don’t get too caught up
For this day will pass

Then you’ll have a new start
To shine in happiness
A day is a day
Don’t let your emotions skip ahead

♥Akriti Panthi♥♥

8 thoughts on “Bad Day?

  1. You have explained this well, Have you been working on this a long time?? Do you think you have described everything correctly though I have noticed some common mistakes but I get the point your making? I will link your blog to mine.

  2. nice… seems like you put a lot into it.
    i’ve never really had that bad of a day.
    but i think it is gonna be coming soon……

  3. Good poem but i have to say it good disconsolately coz it reminds me of the bad day
    ,more appropriately i have to say bad night, and innervates deeply inside me. I can’t expalin that day now coz my face will be covered in tear .

  4. that was such a wonderful poem…. i have had such bad days… really .. and gives me a notion that…

    “every dark cloud has silver lining” n
    “every bad day should have a golden dusk”

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