Asatoma sadgamaye

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Asatoma sadgamaye, Tamasoma jyotirgamaye…
219. Asatoma sadgamaye
Photo By: BlueFox
Post Date: 20 June 2008

A small lady lighting “Diyo” in front of Surya Vinayak temple.
Lord Ganesh, also known as Vinayaka, is worshipped as remover of obstacles, lord of beginning and lord of wisdom.

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  1. Shutterbug

    I knew it must have some worthy meaning behind. Thank you BlueFox for this very knowledge. “Asatoma sadgamaye” May Peace and Joy prevail in Nepal.

  2. BlueFox

    Thanks ShutterBug for your suggestions. The title is taken from the old prayer that says
    “Asatoma sadgamaye
    Tamasoma jyotirgamaye
    Mrirtyorma Amritamgamaye
    Om shanti shanti om…”

    That means God you lead us from fake towards truth, from darkness towards light and from death towards life.
    May peace prevails on earth.

  3. Shutterbug

    And yes.. Catchphrase of this picture urgently needs translation. “Asatoma sadgamaye” what does that means?

  4. Shutterbug

    A beautiful picture indeed of a little girl completely engrossed in her prayer. BlueFox has clicked the picture in a right moment. It would have been much better, if she was using both hands instead of one cause generally people use both hands while performing prayers. And yes it is puzzling as said by Dhilung, not see her left hand which is hidden behind her body.

    Choosing a low angle, BlueFox could eliminate another women lighting diyo at the left, a person behind and those walking legs. Technically we can use smaller f-stop of our camera to blur those unwanted figures from the frame and another option is to change own positions (angle).

    Nice picture!!

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