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Asar Pandra

387. Asar Pandra
Photo By: Rina Maharjan
Post Date: 10th July, 2009

Description: Asar Pandra (15th of month Asar, Nepali calendar) is observed as an auspicious day for plantation rice here in Nepal and Nepalese farmers celebrate this day as a festival by planting rice with much joy.
Nepalese people eat curd and beaten-rice and play with muddy water to welcome the season of rice plantation. As belief goes, mud in the rice field cures skin diseases.
In the picture: framers planting rice in paddy field in Bhaktapur on the way to Surya Binayak temple on that very day of Asar Pandra.

9 thoughts on “Asar Pandra

  1. Very nice shot to mark ‘Ashar Pandra’. Unfortunately, it seems the new generation is slowing forgetting these kinds of celebrations.

  2. The judgment day, a green and clean day to celebrate life on the planet. On the due day, blessing will be done by Bulky and Hefty, I search my identity, I search my records, I search my accounts on earth. I am selfish. It looks lengthy, it’s not, time has not permitted. I am not down, I am not out, undiplomatic ally correct.

    We shall overcome, We shall overcome, We shall overcome one day …….oh ho…
    Man me hai vishwas pura hai vishwas, We shall overcome one day………………….


  3. First of all LIN Team, hyperlink from the image is pointing to this post itself and not to the image (for the actual size – I could not see the actual size). I guess we normally point to the image.

    Rina, this pic is just another picture which is good enough to support the description. The description is informative and very well in sync with the the theme “Life in Nepal”. It is not necessary for a picture to be exclusively clicked with all the nitty gritty of photography, but should be associated with the theme LIN. And you are winner for this.

    May be horizontal perspective, keeping the subjects unmoved as of now, would have exposed more plantation of the paddy field.

    A request to all
    When we post something that depict culture and tradition of Nepal (festivals, rituals, occasions), then I think we should put the dates in English as well, as many people who land up here searching for Nepali tradition and culture can easily visualize the part of year from their perspective. In this post one could say (around the end of June). Just a suggestion.

    Keep sharing!!

  4. Nice Pic Rina, well composed shot, that’s perfectly giving the feel of Ashad 15.
    And Yes, little post production to remove the distracting horizontal line at the top part of the image, would have made this pic more interesting.

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