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Are you getting married ???

“Are you going to get married or not!!” a question that every individual is bound to answer when s/he reaches a certain age, that varies from one person to another. Before going any further and on top of most, ‘who’ and ‘when’ need to be answered. ‘Who’ and ‘When’ are like synonyms in this context. For some “When to marry” is more important than “Whom to marry” while for others the reverse holds true. Moreover matching these questions perfectly weighs more than answering both correctly.

The world we dwell in is expanding and so are the expectations and desires of individuals. More often than not, we are caught up in vicious circle of career goals and ambitious quests of moving up the corporate ladder that we forget to match or even answer this basic question. However it is not the worst case as there are friends and family to answer the big question for you or you can even ask the big WWW to find the right piece to solve the jigsaw puzzle.

Picture a common scenario, both of the partners are ready to tie the matrimonial knot but fail to manage crucial time for each other. Another equally common picture is searching for perfect match for years. Some time these two questions of ‘who’ and ‘when’, are better left un-answered rather than doing injustice by answering one of them. Above all getting married is something like tuning your processor with some other processor for optimum output.

We may be confused that getting married is becoming a big deal and ever more complex in this new digital world. But was it all an easy job before; before we knew of a chip or obscurely termed object called mouse? Even in the age of Ramayan, Ram had to win the ‘dhanush’, leaving all others behind to get married to Sita. Who can forget the big planning of Krishna in every marriage of Pandavs? For Arjun, even marrying Krishna’s own sister, Shubhadra, was not easy.

The prevailing conditions have changed and so has time. The problem has altered its look but getting married still remains a big question to be answered, as confusing and as un-answered as it was before. At some point of time we need to answer all these questions to ourselves. Life is a complex equation and getting married is something like finding a constant that will solve a part of it. Can we expect getting that constant so easily?

But as always this is not the only familiar case. Some people think of them as a painter and strongly believe they can fill colors in their life with themselves and don’t necessarily require a complementary paint. For such people getting married and answering the two questions doesn’t hold much value. They are not alone in line; some believe there is big Ganesha who is going to take care of every question of life.

Getting confused about right time and right people has been one of the major perplexities of life. This is neither unexpected nor unusual. If not to ourselves, we need to answer this question to others who keep on asking when a bachelor becomes an “eligible bachelor”. Every one is managing the answer of that question with some effort and excuse. Nonetheless keep on rolling, right time will come with right people and we will have answers to all the questions. Finally all the complex equations of life become a bit easy to solve with the right person with a true helping hand.