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When your own reflection sneers at you

And your own shadow flees from you

Who would you turn to?

To tell you those words,

You’ve been yearning to hear

To give you the strength,

And drive away your despair…


When your heart is saddened

And you feel lonely in a crowd

Where would you run to?

To find a friend,

Who can hear your unspoken words

And who twitches when you feel a slightest pain…


When you are engulfed in emptiness

And lost in pitch-black darkness

Who will you trust?

To lead you to the path of light

And be by your side, in the darkest of nights

Making you believe in the magic of stars

And taking away those painful scars…

7 thoughts on “Anguish

  1. Who would you turn to? ..i’ll rather turn up my head beyond the sky ,
    Where would you run to?.. Just Run into the bigger and Bigger Crowd.. There’s High probablity to find nice friend, if you run away from crowd…there is less probablity of finding friend. “What an idea sir ji”
    Who will you trust?..Myself..coz can;t trust others..:D

  2. The answer to all your three questions is you and only you because you can share with all your closed and dear ones but no one can feel your pai and no one will understand for real what you are going through.

    So leave everything to the time and always believe in yourself.


  3. In my case

    Who would you turn to? – I don’t know, never been to such situation

    Where would you run to? – i’d probably share with my fren.

    Who will you trust? – Just play some good music (loud) and go for a long sleep.

    hehe 😀

    Nice one Jane ….

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