Amitabha Monastery (Seto Gumba) Hiking

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Amitabha Monastery, also known as Seto Gumba (in Nepali) is situated on the southern part of Kathmandu valley. It is a heaven to witness the sunrise and sunset. The monastery is a panoramic kaleidoscope of colors and rich culture. The hiking trail over here are as attractive as the monastery and the surrounding scenarios.

The gumba is a bliss of astounding natural rejuvenation that searches excitement as well as calmness. One who gets here is abide by the smell, sounds and prayer flags that spread around the message of peace and patience. The nobility of this place will certainly mesmerize one who visits.

Amitabha Monastery Pictures:

Amitabha Monastery Facts:

Coordinates27°44′38.59″N 85°22′6.21″E

Amitabha Monastery Map:

Hike TitleDestination Date
Hiking from Swayambhu to Amitabha Monastery14/01/2012
Hiking from Sitapaila to Amitabha Monastery16/10/2011
Hiking from Harisiddhi to Amitabha Monastery07/08/2011
Hiking from Swayambhu to Amitabha Monastery15/11/2009
Hiking from Nag Dhunga to Amitabha Monastery09/06/2008
Hiking from Ramkot to Amitabha Monastery15/07/2007
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