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A Summary of the All Hands Meeting

There has been a tradition of hosting an All Hands Meeting (AHM) at D2HawkeyeServices from time to time. The last of such AHMs was held on Friday, July 20, 2007 at D2HawkeyeServices, Nepal. This event is particularly held to inform the employees about the current status of D2HS. The one held on July 20, 2007 also marked the similar trend.

The host Dr. Rudra Pandey, CTO of D2Hawkeye started the AHM with motivating words for the employees. He iterated that the company was riding on the success because of the contributions of all the employees. After those encouraging words, he gave a presentation on various aspects ranging from stock options to staff facilities at D2HS.

Finally the event concluded with a refreshment party.

Waiting for Rudra to be in

If you desire rain dosn’t stop

Rudra Charging up

you could question me if you have a confusion

Sajan listen me through phone from Delhi

Rudra speaking on project slide

Raj elaborating on CMMI level 3

The growth of D2ians

Proof is here

Guess what they are after

Rudra exposing best chosen managers

Raj talking about D2 Labs

Time to refresh

Am i clear like Sprite

All refreshed