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A Proletariat Beginning; will they succeed?

Nepal Maoists resolve eliminating private property as the first step towards proletariat state.
Yes. They have finally resolved to eliminate the private property. The CPN (Maoist) has decided to eliminate private property and has formed a committee to initiate it from the party leaders and cadres. After the committee completes finding the details of the private properties of party leaders and cadres, their possession will be transferred in the name of the Party. It is …

reported that a few leaders have already given the possession of their private property to the party. At the moment, when the capitalization reaches climax in the world, doesn’t it sound awkward?

Surely, the foundation for a proletariat state, as stated by the proponent of communism, Karl Marx, is the elimination of Private property. And the Maoists in Nepal have initiated it.

A few proletariat states e.g. Soviet Union and People’s Republic of China existed till 1990s. However, they have submitted before the expanding empire of capitalism and opted for it. This is the hour when the capitalism is reaches its climax and it is pretty difficult to challenge it and or go against its current. At this hour, Nepal’s Maoists have resolved to eliminate private property.

Capitalism is the global drive. After the Maoists entered the mainstream politics, many intellects had thought that the party will also abandon the extreme communism and opt for a model of political system, acceptable to larger section of the society. In the post ceasefire scenario, the Maoists also tried to persuade international organizations and donor agencies that their entry in the mainstream won’t have fundamental difference in economic system and foreign policy, except their bitter rhetoric against the United States.

Thus, the academia expected from the Maoists that they advocated the system on which the state shall guarantee the basic needs of people and rest the people will do.

However, these expectations seem not to meet. This latest resolution shows that the Maoists haven’t yet abandoned their goal to establish a totalitarian Communist state in Nepal. This lays the prospect that the Maoists will again lose the confidence of the country people and international community that they have been thinly gaining these days.

Besides, there are other questions inherent to this latest move. Its call for revolutionary land reform seems to go vain when there won’t remain individual property. A central leader Dinanath Sharma has claimed that party cadres will begin collective cultivation and control over their houses and property now onwards. This shows that the Maoists still believe agriculture as the major economic activity. In recent days, this assumption has failed in Nepal. Tourism has overcome agriculture and there are larger prospects for other industrial activities.

The Maoists have declared that this shall be the first step towards setting up a proletariat state. However, there lies a million dollar question whether the Maoists’ goal to eliminate individual property and set up a proletariat state will ever succeed against the global drive?

9 thoughts on “A Proletariat Beginning; will they succeed?

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  3. नेपाली मावोवादीले सोचेको होला जनता गरिब हुनुको मुल कारण काठमाण्डौ मा रहेका धनि माडवाडि, शाह, राणा। गाउ मा सोझा सीधा जनतालाई ललाई फकाई ति साहु महाजन लुटे तिमीहरु सबै धनि हुन्छ अनि नेपालीहरु धनि र बिकसित हुन्छ भनि जनयुद्दका लागि तयार पारे। १३ हजार नेपालीको रगत बगाए। बिकासका पुर्वधार को बिनास गरे। अरबौ रुपैया आगोमा झोसे। प्रचण्ड र बाबुराम डिल्लीमा राँ को निर्देशनमा सात दल सङ कुरा मिलायो। अनि नेपालमा रडाको मच्चाइयो।अहिले काठमाण्डौ पसे पछि थाहा पायो होला साहु महाजन लुटेर भाग लगाउदा औसत नेपालीको हातमा पर्ने भनेको उहि शुन्य हो। अब देखाउन भए पनि आफ्नै सम्प्तति पार्टीमा बुझाएर आफ्नो नाम जोगाउने दाउ गर्दै छन।

  4. Prachanda and maoists got a very good thrashing in this madhesi aandolan.

    they should at least realise now that it is not any person or party but issue and agenda that counts.

  5. Prachanda ji once mentioned that their party’s philosophy is going to be very different from the old communist philosophy. He said, it is going to serve the modern world. As far as I’m concerned, him and his party is merely seeking popularity in the nation, first by creating anarchy in the nation, and now that they are scared of the uprising Madhesi andolan,they have come up with this lame drama of eliminating private property. They are scared that the Madhesi andolan will conceal what the Maoists have achieved in 50 years. Prachanda, Baburam and the so called leaders of Maoist party don’t have any property in their names. That doesen’t mean they don’t have property. It’s just that their property is under someone else’s name, whom they trust very much, or they have property outside Nepal.

  6. Oh god! Why are they even trying that? Is this just to win the popular contest? They are coming up something that they can differnetiate themsleves from UML in upcoming CA elections. All communist leaders in the world have looted state and have led lavish life using state property. Then why woudl they need private property. Prachanda has been using state vehicles and will staying in the house built by party – why would he even need private property. They have a life time job. They are not planning to do anything else other than being in the party. With that said, Prachanda is a life time dictator inside the party just like Girija and King G.

  7. Does any one has any idea why these buggers are trying to choose same fait that of Soviet and most of the Eastern Europen have gone thruogh? Hav’nt they got enough examples? No wonder why Nepalese people lags two hundred years behind.

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