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Anup Sharma



Mum asked what you doing love; she said “I am changing mum”
“The mundane life is making me numb”
She wants to show what she got, so she changed
With the tears in her eyes she left
Whom she loved is now in her womb
At 18 she already feels like in a tomb

All she did was crying and lying
Why did she do it? Now she is prying
Her eyes are dry and the tears are gone
Everywhere she goes she has to shun

“Mum I’m changin’…hope you’ll get me
Sick of this life I want to be free
So I’m gone, say my …

love to my bro
I am trying to live and grow”

Its cold outside everything is freezing
She still can’t understand why is she changing?????
Never in her life had she felt so low
He got into her life and now that’s a blow

This ain’t gonna continue…
(She said)
These days I really miss u
Those songs you sang for me now they fade
Why did this happen to me? I always prayed
Hey mum I am stopping now
Will write to you later. Ciao