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A day in the life of the common folks


Photo By: Ngawang Tara Ghale
Title: A day in the life of the common folks
Posted Date: 9th April

I went to Tudikhel today with my dear friend to get a feel of what the common Nepalese folk do to pass time!
I was really surprised! These people (mostly middle aged men and women and young couples) sit around in the huge park right at the heart of Kathmandu watching the Army practice parade stuff, eating oranges and peanuts- perfect recipe for cold which I could not enjoy unfortunately.

6 thoughts on “A day in the life of the common folks

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  2. What your stating is totally accurate. I know that everyone must say the exact same issue, but I just believe that you set it in a way that absolutely everyone can recognize. I also appreciate the images you place in the following. They suit so properly with what youre hoping to say. Im certain youll achieve so a lot of men and women with what youve obtained to say.

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  4. I took the picture.

    I have NO idea about the topic whatsoever, I was just contacted by one of the admins asking for this photo (originally on flickr). So the thing about summer/winter is completely out of my grasp. I don’t see why should the name of the season be a barrier to seeing the perspective of the image.

    That being said, I was taken aback that after my reply with the original picture attached in the email, I did not get any sort of response from the admins confirming if they’re using my picture or not! Its only after I googled my own name that I find that this picture is indeed here!!!

    Thank you Mr Sensible for your sensible approach to the image. I have no interest, and no business whatsoever in disgracing the Nepalese Army in any ways. This image speaks only of how people find entertainment in their daily lives out of what they can afford and what is available to them. In case of Kathmandu, it was the parade that was so integrated in the public lives now that it is sort of an entertainment source really! That’s the aspect I wanted to bring into the image.

    As for permission, the army did ask me not to take pictures, I wont lie. But seeing that two “kuire”s just 5 mts away from me were full-on taking pictures with their tripods and bigger lenses, with no identification or anything, I thought WHY SHOULD A NEPALI NOT BE ALLOWED TO DO WHAT A FOREIGNER IS ALLOWED TO! That was ridiculous, so I went ahead and gave myself permission.

    One Last Thing. if you have such a narrow perspective, you should not be checking out art. Peace be with you!

  5. I will say, this is a nice catch. And the issue raised here is very genuine. People pass their time seeing these kind of frames, and many more like the construction in the sites, vehicle being repaired that broke in the road, quarrels in the street… and many more. Its the need of the hour to find the reason behind this phenomenon. What comes in my mind and the crux of the matter may be Poverty which induces Illiteracy. And unemployment is what we see..and hence this phenomenon (may be).

    The drill is done in the open, and I see not offensive touch in clicking this picture here..Just my perception!!

    And by the way, its still chilling in the morning and I will not disagree about the oranges and winter. If we can’t say this as winter, at least we can’t also say this time around as complete summer. Its early spring, i guess.

    LIN Editor, thanks for the ack in the earlier post. And this time its 29 letters (perfect!!). Hope spaces are not taken into account here.. 🙂

  6. This is safety issues for Nepal Army, remove this picture. Has anyone ask those armies for taking photograph? Hello EU admin do you have its proof. And it’s already summer not winter, post is about winter.

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