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Living in harmony

382. Living in harmony
Photo By: Bishwa Shrestha
Posted Date: 30th June 2009

People here in Nepal are happy playing with the nature. A one mile hike up and down the hill is a daily routine for these ladies. It will take us to our wits end to walk up and down the hill like that. But still they look at us with respect and amazement. They smile at us when we walk by. I must say that we are ungrateful to them. When we see the same people in our cities, we frown at their dirt stained dresses and sun brunt faces. It is not a question of morality, it’s a simple idea of living together in harmony. When they smile at us, they expect nothing more than a smile back from us.

17 thoughts on “Living in harmony

  1. sakiyo timerko discussion… comment gareko ho ki khukuri hana haann ho..

    Tudikhel ma shutterbugg ra lanscape lai ubhaunu parcha, ani comment garna laaunu parcha…. lanscape le haruaucha ki….

  2. Its your choice not to count your words as satire.

    But I feel that, you do not re-read what you said in previous comments.(I mean other comments from you in other post).

    When commenting we should be consistent with the idea’s we present, because when you comment “One previous comment of yours should not refute current comments”. Similar pictures should have similar comments (re read your comments, and you will find deviations in comments). I am not here to write an essay on deviations of comments, but for me, I always try to be consistent, and if someone points out that “Buddy – some deviations are there”, I am pleased to rectify and accept it. Obviously when one write he/she never can access the repercussion, but can later realize. I tend to analyze/see the percentage of deviation of my comment and also count how many times I have admitted (i have no problem admitting suggestions).

    I hope you do not forget the statistics that you are one of the top commenter (in count) in EU, and I believe you keep track of what you are saying. I talked about the Image, and I really mean it. I don’t know how you take it?

    And saying this “Anyway, I value your comment and I remain Shutterbug with the same will and same purpose for betterment of LIN and EU.”, always will not prove things. Act to prove it, act to make it happen. I raised many times about LIN problems, and others also did the same… what is the response??? Its not only your responsibility but are there anyone who can trigger LIN team to be active. We do not see any result…

    But when I see my earlier comment above, I feel ashamed that we need to use this kind of tone to make people feel… Don’t know if my experiment (its just an experiment, as Lenscape is not used to these kinds..) with harsh tone above made any difference… Hope its not a rigid wall I am hitting my head on…


  3. Dear Lenscape
    Thank your for showing jumra and vaishi I have in my comment, which I guess is always a positive thing to learn more and improve things. I also thank you for your effort of trying to make me understand my English. Sorry if you too find my previous comment as a satire and I again disagree to count my comment as a satire. Anyway, I value your comment and I remain Shutterbug with the same will and same purpose for betterment of LIN and EU.

    I appreciate your suggestion for reforming theme of LIN.

  4. peace, peace, all of us have so much to learn about the culture of criticizing and reacting to criticism.

    we all lack grace, for sure.

  5. Mr. Guitar,
    Too bad if my above comment sound –ve to you. This I guess is again your ATTITUDE how you perceive things. Well I can’t assure you what others do here in EU all the time including YOU but I definitely do comment on any picture I like to show jumra as well as vaishi, hoping that those photographers could get rid of them next time when they click their camera to take good pictures.

    So good to know your philosophy of photography and I would love see you prove your philosophy true here in EU through some wonderful pictures your take. And please dare to get comments which will probably show you any jumar and viashi if it has.

  6. Mr. Bishwa, I am sorry if my comment (hopeless criticism) has offended you and the great learning you have in photography. I simply did a comment like any other EU visitor does here in LIN without wearing any “Old-school” teacher’s shoes.

    As a ‘photographer’ how you perceive the comments you get here in LIN is your choice, 100% and in a same manner as ‘visitors’ we have this choice to make comments, otherwise there shouldn’t be this very option called ‘Leave Reply’ at the bottom of every post here in EU. My apology if I did wrong by being enthusiastic to use that option.

    Besides it makes no sense for any visitor like me to learn complete bio-data of a photographer before commenting on his/her picture. Therefore I don’t think I would categorize my comment according to the photographer, whether it is Bishwo Shrestha, Rudra Pandey, Dhilung Kirat, Lucida, Jagadish Tiwari, Min Ratna Bajracharya, Bikash Rauniar or the Legendary Robert Capa.

    By the way, my small suggestion: if you prefer to post your pictures and share any creation you have, here in Everest Uncensored (a PUBLIC domain) please have guts to face comments that voice opposite to your will. If not better keep them confidential.

    If you find my views hard to digest please feel free to ignore.

  7. Bishwa, the description is good. And I agree that one need not to be a photographer to post his/her picture. I would have loved the horizontal perspective though, the green is more than required, i guess…. i guess….:-)

    I will try my best to comment in the same tone you have commented to Bishwa, only to give you a feeling that this is not a good example of commenting culture.
    Ok, here it comes Mr. Shutterbug!!

    You trying to teach English here? If so, here are the meaning of some word/phrases you have used. I have presented so that you will re-read your comment above and find any coherence (if any) with what you meant and the real meaning.

    1. nitty-gritty: The essence or core of something; the details

    2. prominent: having a quality that thrusts itself into attention

    3. overrated: not necessarily related to popularity

    4. extend: widen (always mind your spelling, if you are teaching English to others)

    I can see charming face of the lady with wrist watch (in reply to your not smiling). The lady in red may have turned to put off the fagging stick (I am also using may be… because you said may be she is offended). I guess you understand what a fagging stick is. Bishwa has clearly stated “They smile at us when we walk by”, and not when we click. Some reservation may be there, from camera and its quite natural. Are all your pictures have smiling faces????
    Extremely sorry, because I had to use such a tone for an esteemed member of EU. I never expected that someone like you can be so satirical. I can see no reasons to be satirical to the post or the description (yes you are free to be satirical to me now 🙂 .

    Your comment should be suggestive because everyone see’s you with respect here at EU.I will suggest you to rewrite the same comment with suggestive tone and keep for yourself. You will learn a lot from it, Shutterbug!!.

    You know one thing Shutterbug?? I feel pity, not for how you have reacted for this post (or to Bishwa), but I feel pity for what you have done to your Image. If you again say, I don’t care what you say Lenscape, than the pity is at its recursion for you. And if you are really concerned about EU’s commenting culture then think for a while, why I have put this effort to write at length about your comment. Because I do care to see good comments from you, and not satirical. My suggestion to you is: Just correct your style and not refute or throw back negative comment or hint of disagreement to my comment.

    And try streamlining the theme of LIN or change the title, discuss with LIN Team members and do the needful and stop being satirical. Rather be suggestive because not every picture is perfect and not every picture may need a suggestion, please….. I see nothing in the satirical comment above coming from a Photographer and I completely agree to what Bishwa said in his counter comment: “Mr. Shutterbug, i guess you just stared at the picture and thought -”well what should i write about it now” , rather than actually “looking” at the picture.”


  8. constructive criticism is one thing. criticism without understanding is another, which is called offence. I enjoy both as long as they’re not directed towards me!

  9. some people pay to get criticism and they get disappointed when they dont receive any

    some people get criticism for free and yet they get disappointed

    one need not agree to all the criticism but we seem to lack the culture of constructive criticism and instead seem to be content with wah-wahs.

    (and, of course, feel free to criticize this thought as well)

  10. @ Shutterbug :- “People here in Nepal are happy playing with the nature’ sounds too overrated statement.” why do we people always try to see the -ve aspect of society and culture. Why are we so much interested in pin pointing others drawbacks. “aafnu aang ko vaishi na dekhne le arkako aang ko jumra dekne” this is what we people do here …. all the time.

    Photography in my perspective is not like we need to have a good knowledge of photography.. any newbie can take a wonderful shot at times.. though he/she don’t have any knowledge..

    The above snap would have been better by cropping the woman’s part there…

    rest the description is just fine … and perfect… no abuse

  11. Mr. Shutterbug, i guess you just stared at the picture and thought -“well what should i write about it now” , rather than actually “looking” at the picture. We’re used to looking at a smile, the same way, and thinking “what would that smile mean” rather than smiling back… too much thoughts man!

    I know a lot more about photography than you think i know. But still i’m learning, .. by breaking the rules!! … There are not always people who follow the rules are there? So please step out of your “Old- school” teacher’s shoes and try to connect the photograph with the description. The photograph was not taken in a hurry. We had plenty of time on the top of that hill to pose for each other. And i took more than just a photograph of them… The fourth woman on the right is in the photograph not because she couldn’t be cropped out, she’s there because she “was there” with the other women. If you find it hard to understand, just leave it man, just don’t bother everyone with your hopeless criticism.


  12. This picture must be taken in hurry by Bishwa Shrestha because it is pretty evident in the picture. Picture also lacks some nitty-gritty of photography and little effort to move around to get better composed shot.

    Description does make viewers feel so high and dry because:
    ‘Living in Harmony’ should be prominent visibly, not just in words because I see no visual fact of what caption has stated.

    ‘People here in Nepal are happy playing with the nature’ sounds too overrated statement. Lets not ignore those natural disasters like flood, landslide etc which occurs every year and those Nepalese who live very close to nature has to face bitterly. Sometime more than just bitter. They lack basic infrastructure of cities and they do have all right for better living like YOU and ME.

    ‘But still they look at us with respect and amazement’. This is true to some extend but 10-12 years of political conflicts has immensely changed our country Nepal and how rural people view visitors in their village.

    ‘They smile at us when we walk by.’ do you see any SMILES in the picture above. And this woman who is not facing the camera seems offended by being their picture taken. May be this women in red blouse didn’t turn her back intentionally to avoid being photographed but this is how we tend feel if someone turns their back while photographing.

    ‘I must say that WE ARE UNGRATEFUL to them’. I know not all are UNGRATEFUL so instead of using ‘WE’ there should be ‘some people’ or ‘people’ are ungrateful.

    Feel free to disagree my views.

  13. the picture seems to be average for me,but indeed the description was really thoughtful, and a reality that Nepalese tend to Ignore.

    “Beskrivelsen er verdsatt”

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