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The moments are too long to live

the life, so lonely and hard

the words hurt and the scenes show sorrows

horrible habits and  mind full of terror 


i pray but the fortune blesses with pain

i shed tears to soothe my soul again

i fall, i crawl, i scream and cry

i want to escape but the walls are too high



the clouds come by and rain the blood

the mountains are red, red snow fall

all chaos, all cries,dead bodies lie

all faded vision, no good seasons come by.



All born with plight, in each breathe we die

no strength in arms, no hope to fly

no history to remember, no moments to live

no story to create, no dreams to meet!

5 thoughts on “MYSTIFIED MIND

  1. Very nice…
    Filled me with the feeling of gloom, sadness and hopelessness…
    Reminded me of the current state of our nation…

    Keep it up…

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