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Leisure with my playful pets

Photographer: Binju Sitaula. Name of Snapshot: Sweet Buddies. Camera: Casio EXLIM 7.2 MP.

I took this snapshot at home while sharing my leisure with my playful pets.


First: ShutterThug
January 27th, 2009 at 4:43 pm
Photography is all about experimenting and it would’ve been much better if the photographer had experimented with different backdrops. The background is definitely very distracting. An open background with reduced depth of field would’ve made kittens stand out. And I believe, eyes should be the main focus when shooting animals or birds.

To me, this shot looks like it was taken one lazy afternoon when the photographer had nothing better to do but play with house kittens while lazing around in her bed. She could’ve experimented more with compositon.

Second: Rituman
January 31st, 2009 at 9:38 am
With a point and shoot device, Ms Sitaula has done an excellent job. bt still the background can be improved. with their poses, the left one should have been singled out and other two should have been shot at separately. but all in all, nice attempt for an amature photographer. looking forward to see better quality pictures. btw, get a DLSR, it will enhanve ur skill…

Third:lazy writer
January 23rd, 2009 at 2:18 pm
well, liked these kitties and their innosent faces toward camera lens….… i think these kitties were dragged by camera flash while Binju freezed the moment.
As far as her skill concerns, i think she just randomly snapped it. The background is bit poor…. otherwise everything seems nice. Mostly the lively expression made by lovely kittens…



Nice snapshot of kittens without a doubt. It’s potrait shot and whenever taking such portraits, make your ‘subject’ stands out from the hordes. One can do following: to grab viewer’s attention on the ‘subject’ more prominently.

i. Go close and fill ‘one third’ of the frame by ‘subject’.
ii. if you owns SLR or DSLR, keep shallow depth of field (smaller f-stop) and make sure the eyes of your ‘subject’ in good focus. (if you owns SLR or DSLR )

1. Distractions of this pictures. So while composing or framing Binju should slightly chang her position to get another prespective and try not to include those stuffs within the frame.

2. This snapshot would looks much lovely if all kitten were looking at the camera. I know it is easier said than done but photographers often need to do some tricks despite their camera’s technical ability to put some spark in their picture. So, try it.

My Thumb Up! Binju Sitaula



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