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Endless Possibilities

241. Endless Possibilities
Photo By: LifeStar7
Post Date: July 24 2008


The rain had finally broke and the sunlight was coming through. Eventually we made our way back down a bit and dropped by a local storefront.
As we were standing there, I noticed this man sitting on the edge of the mountain cliff, just looking out to the distance. Something clicked inside my head and this photo was the result.

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-LIN Editor

5 thoughts on “Endless Possibilities

  1. Hello Shutterbug, really liked the way you explained “Rule of thirds”.

    As for the description, original description of photographer was used as it is, but sometimes these indications go unnoticed. Thanks to you that you pointed them, out of curiosity. Well, the description has already been tweaked to some extent. LIN has endless possibilities of improvement….

  2. It is a beautiful landscape picture by StarLife7, thought he/she didn’t click it consciously. StarLife7 should consider oneself lucky being the right person at the right time. 🙂

    Using wide lens helps him achieve good depth of field of both distant green hills and old man who seem pretty lost in thoughts. Without this old man in foreground this picture would look dull for sure. This is because our eye needs some reference point to judge scale. Try visualizing this picture without this old man; you will understand what I mean.

    Placement of this old man according to the popular technique ‘Rule of Thirds’ also made this picture an excellent compotation. Well done StarLife7!!

    However, description of this picture has raised various curiosities like, ‘future computer center’: WHERE? We made our way back down a bit: DOWN FROM WHERE? And WHO IS DEVI? Since this picture is borrowed from EU Flickr Photo Album, and where contributor (photographer) has targeted to share this picture among his/her close circle of friends and acquaintances, who know where he has been and what he has been doing. So, I think LIN Editor should be tricky and do needful edit over its description to quench interest of viewers here in EU Blog.

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