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monte for monkey
182. Monte Carlo for Monkey
Photo By: Shutterbug
Though owner of this monkey bother enough to dress it to protect from cold, does he ever thought of protecting ‘Animal Right’? I saw this baby monkey chained like a dog at Maha Laxmi Temple in Lagankhel. How sensible is it to tame animals that naturally have a preference to be wild?

6 thoughts on “04-09-2008

  1. Thank you guys for the compliments. 😀

    ‘DreamSky’ I know you are a very poetic person and has philosophical feeling.
    I like the way you try to read this picture beyond its visual perspective. Keep it up.

    ‘mILAN’ I too felt the same way for the baby monkey. You know this monkey was so aggressive and nearly wounded a small boy critically who went near it, to play thinking, it’s a dog.

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