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Hiking from Hazar Sidi (Dhulikhel) to Namo Buddha

Route Driving (Kathmandu >> Hazar Sidi), Hiking (Hazar Sidi >> Namo Buddha)
Date Aug 23, 2014
Hike Duration 4 hrs
Coordinator Praveen Shrestha
Participants Agma Malakar, Anil Kumar Shrestha, Bikram Raj Shrestha, Dinesh Gautam, Ganga Maharjan, Jeevan Timilsina, Neeraj Sharma, Praveen Shrestha, Rinesh Bajracharya, Sagar Bhandari, Sumit Shakya, Suraj Ghimire, Surya Bahadur Bista, Yangjee Rai
Report By Agma Malakar, Ganga Maharjan
Photos By Sumit Shakya
Creative Support Arati Shilpakar, Kanchan Raj Pandey
Edited By Rinesh Bajracharya

Agma MalakarAgma Malakar
If you’ve ever hiked for hours, relished a cool breeze under a blue sky, and experienced the true meaning of serenity, thinking, “I wish I could just stay out here” — you’ve tasted the real elixir to rejuvenate yourself. 23rd August was a day full of adventure that covered 10 kms of walking, in all kinds of weather and over constantly changing terrain.

It all started when I saw an email for the NamoBuddha Hike. Never having hiked before, I was intrigued. How hard could it be? I wondered. And, learning that there were people with no experience at all, like me, and others who are much more experienced, one who had even walked 8 hours continuously, I thought, lets give it a shot, a shot that was well worth.
Just four months ago, I met my fellow hikers at Deerwalk. Now, thanks to a rigorous work environment, I am rewarded with people that have become great friends. All of our hard work culminated on the hills trail along Dhulikhel.

Our van set off at around 8 am with hikers full of excitement as we had a long day ahead of us.
At 10:00 am we were at the starting point of the Hike, we had to climb 1000 steps to reach the focal point of the trip. With few of us carrying water and snacks we set up to view the very few who couldn’t stop but proudly show off their Raybans and pose for snaps. Well could anyone complain? Nah! The fun loving ones are always the ones that keep us going…throughout (sigh).
Along the Hike, there were several support stations complete with water, energy bars, candy, noodles and many more. We rested at few and supported each other when necessary.

The weather was all good when we started, but later it often became unpredictable with sun playing hide and seek and few drizzles.

You always wind up seeing things that you’ve never noticed before, like stumbling upon colorful caterpillars, or getting to watch bulls being bathed with their eyes sleepy and relaxed. So cute!

You always wind up seeing things that you’ve never noticed before, like stumbling upon colorful caterpillars, or getting to watch bulls being bathed with their eyes sleepy and relaxed. So cute!

We had been hiking for about 4 hours now. I looked ahead and in the distance I could make out the finish flag for one of the summits. I can do this, I told myself as I thought of the children that do this everyday for a daily living. Every single day,they are waking up and doing exactly what they want to be doing in the most beautiful place on the planet for 12, 15 hours a day, without any schedule or outside responsibility. When do we get to do that? I kneel down to catch my breath; my feet aching from what seems like an eternity of walking and climbing. And just as I feel that I might not be able to go on, my fellow mates come along and pull me up by the arm and whispered in my ears“you can do it!”. Well, yes we did, as we reached NamoBuddha.

Surely, it was extremely demanding, but viewing those beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, luring onto heights, I thought to myself, that’s part of finding out who you are. You’re getting back in touch with yourself, with your body, your breathing, your mind. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself. I loved the solitude NamoBuddha provided and as it gave me the chance to escape my daily routine, I was happy I was there.

This 4- 5 hours hike offered me with the satisfaction of peace that I have been seeking for. With the best of mates, I went on a never to forget trip, to escape the trappings of modern life and experience the stunning natural beauty of pure wilderness. That accomplishment compelled me to shout out loud: Proud to be a Nepali, Proud to be a Deerwalker.

Ganga MaharjanGanga Maharjan
August 23, 2014- monsoon started before sun could open his eyes. But soon after the rain, sun came up so brilliantly. I was ready for my second hike from Deerwalk and it all started for me from Koteshwor after I boarded the micro-bus. We were 13 of us in total, but our energy was more than the numbers. We headed for Dhulikhel from where our hike was going to start. We had our breakfast at a hotel called Mama Hotel. After breakfast, we were all set to start our hike.The sun was shining bright right from the morning. We proceeded ahead with some clicking of photographs and chitchats. We were not rushing, we were slow and steady as we were trying to enjoy each and every moment.

We enjoyed the greenery of the nature, changeable weather and talks with everyone.

We enjoyed the greenery of the nature, changeable weather and talks with everyone.A moment became hilarious when one of the participant Surya Bista was followed behind when he was going to wash his face, everyone was thinking that he was going towards Namo Buddha Gumba. It still is so funny to remember. Finally, at 2pm with lots of jokes, teasing, tiredness, energies and excitements we reached our destination “Namo Budhha”. It was really beautiful, peaceful and every one of us was quite amazed and excited. We took photos and enjoyed the peace. It took some of our pain and tiredness away. It energized our body and after having lots of fun we came back and headed for the hotel where lunch was served. After lunch we returned home enjoying the monsoon and remembering my first team hike with awesome colleagues. All in all it was an Awesome Hike!

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