2007 rhymes

Posted by: Dovan Rai

This new year eve,
I realized my heart growing cold,
with cynicism : an adult infection.

Trapped in this adult world,
so grey and so cold,

I longed for the old days,
when the sky is clear blue and grass is naïve green,
rainbows are purely colorful,
snails are innocently fascinating, and I am always cheerful.

Oh ! only if I could borrow a bit of this childhood heaven
in this new year 2007 !!


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  1. ♥Akriti Panthi♥

    “Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional”
    -Chili Davis

    Dovan your poem was beautiful..
    “Oh ! only if I could borrow a bit of this childhood heaven
    in this new year 2007 !!” That’s really cute!

    ♥Akriti Panthi♥

  2. pawanlover

    Oh Pawan don’t scold a child. Yo are a man don’t talk like wuss. Lets sing a lullaby

    Pawan you are a man
    You are a superman
    You are a knight
    You are Mr. Right
    How bold like tiger
    With all burning desire.

  3. pawan

    ‘Being young at heart’ माने उमर पचपन दिल बचपन?दोभनलाई त्यसो भन्न मिल्छ? अनि के सधै grade 8 मै अल्झिरहने?
    यो त grade 8 sense of humor भएन फोनिक्स्?

    दोभन, अब बच्चा पाउने उमेरमा बच्ची जस्तो कुरा गर्ने?

  4. dovan

    To work in children’s magazine is one of my many dreams,

    pawan, u r right,

    I love to draw cottony clouds, pretty flowers, chirping birds, nibbling squirrels and all little childish things.

    Pawan seems to be a stupid senile(based on his idiotic comments in other posts, not this one (…he may be right this time))

    but I am pretty sure,
    little pawan must have had better songs to sing !!!

  5. Phoenix

    Mr. Pawan i think u haven’t heard the saying…
    Being young at heart..
    Everyone regardless of age or experience.. has a childish nature inside themselves.. that’s reflected as inquisitiveness, creativity, gr8 sense of humor..

    the design above is infact jovial and not childish at all..

    “Growing up” is a never ending process… we get ‘a day older’ every other day.. and also we are responsible enough to keep a job at hand.. wht more is there to grow up..

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