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I’d like to see some night scenes of Kathmandu

 “Kishor, I’d like to see some night scenes of Kathmandu, So your subject is ‘Street at Night’. I hope you’ll show me your work soon.”

     It was my class assignment. Nilayan Dutta, a bangoli Photographer working in ‘Drik India’ was in our College to share his Photography experience and knowledge with us.

    I was at the center of Tundikhel next day with my Camera and Tripod. First thing that attracted me was historical monument ‘Dharahara’ coz it was also facing the curse of ‘Loadshading’, whereas newly made Shopping mall beside it was glittering. May be it is what we call ‘Modern Metropolitan City’.

 My next move was Hanumandhoka Durab Square. I think most fascinating place to be at night is Durbar square, and I’m sure that no one will disagree. Food stalls, Night Market, Young Couples and joyful environment…who would expect more…???

     But contrary to this beautiful environment was ‘Ratnapark’. Footpaths were occupied, sellers shouting and trying to flog things and attract pedesterians towards them. Every individual had their own lamp. Scene from overhead bridge was very attractive. But who knows the hidden truth behind that attractive and beautiful scene. People come to the Capital city with loads of dreams and plans. Under each Lamp one family struggling for survial, with the common hope of ‘Better Life…..’

     “What are you doing?”, around 10 yrs old Street child was behind me. His friends were looking at us keeping some distance. They were planning to sleep there.

     “Taking Photographs”, I answered…

     “I think you are lying…how can you get pictures at night..and you don’t even have Flash…. ❓ ” he didn’t believd me and ran towards his friends …

     I smiled…I enjoyed the conversation. The traffic was thinning out, so I packed my Camera and headed toward my home.

     “You’ve done nice work”-Nilayan Complimented.

    So, my Class assignment was done, but I was thinking of that guy on the bridge. Wish I could show him the Picture. May be he’d believe me after that…..?

1. Dharahara Under Loadsheding..!!!


2. Sahid Gate


3.From the Tundhikhel


4. Street at Night


5. New Road at night


6. Street at night


7. Night Market


8. Basantapur Durbar Square at Night


9. Night Market at Basantapur



10. Night Market


8 thoughts on “I’d like to see some night scenes of Kathmandu

  1. Nice street shots from a year back!

    The “Loadshading” is still the same… and your definition of ‘Modern Metropolitan City’ is still valid – Dharahara is crying in the dark while the Mall glitters brightly.

    Good think is the ‘Ratnapark’ footpath has changed a bit, no more sellers shouting. 🙂

  2. Hey Dude,
    Good Job. Nice pictures. I was amazed to see the Dharhara at night and confused New Road for a European city. The attraction is, of course, the reality that the pictures present.
    Thanks for the nice story too. I liked it.

    Photo herera nostalgia bho…. K garne Pakistan ma bhaya pani man ta har pal Nepal mai pugdo rahechha.
    Wish u all the Best..

  3. Some picture gives the feeling of NewYork night life but ‘Maruti’ taxi’ in the middle of the road reminds it is in Kathmandu.
    All pictures are Great.

  4. D2ians should plan on something like this. “New Road at Night” and “Sahid Gate” are great pictures. Well Done!

  5. This is Amazing. I mean truly amazing photography. Thank you for posting night-time Kathmandu scenes to us. Good job Lucida.

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

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