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Posted by: Lava Kafle

refusing to see the danger.

When I am using Linux I have no worries about that sort of stuff. I am not scared to go and do my banking online. I feel that my computing integrity is not so easily compromised when I am on a Linux machine. I know that when I plug in my flip camera or memory stick I will not be left with a nasty present. For me, my life with Linux is comfortable, safe and secure. I feel sorry for those who cannot use their computers with the same sort of feeling. At least those who know about the dangers of computer malware. Yes I do know that there is malware and malicious users for Linux as well. I also know that I am ninety percent more likely to be shafted by a windows computer than a Linux one.

Yes, a properly looked after and protected windows computer is safe. As is a misconfigured Linux computer unsafe. What are the chances of coming across the former compared to the latter? What are the chances of being stung by a windows machine compared to a Linux one? You tell me in the comments. I already know what I think :)

“I get paid to support Windows, I use Linux to get work done.”

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  1. Anti Red Cross CNA Training

    If it is difficult to earn do not earn, if it is difficult to use do not use, if it is difficult to live do not live, thats lazy style is not it

  2. taky

    absolutely, linux gives a sort of sense that you are one with the pc, as nerdy as that may sound. macosx is a good harmony between ease of use and having a native terminal. i enjoy running my scripts via command line always, and mac lets me do that while still properly supporting my hardware. i just plain out can’t do work without having a real terminal on my pc.

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