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178. Jai Prachanda

Photo Courtesy: Parsuram Kafle (नयाँपत्रिका )

Here is a picture of the new shri three prachanda sarkar riding over his comrade Abeg’s back (Abeg is a “prominent leader” of the Magarat) ! For further details have a look at:

I hope someone makes a big poster of this and hangs it on the Dharahara: New Ruler Red Comrades on the Backs of the Proletariat and Janjatis!

11 thoughts on “04-01-2008

  1. Dear,
    Intention of my previous comment was not to draw a line between ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ by raising the issue of appropriateness of picture. It was a simple concern of ethical practices of using picture from other source (photographer) and charm of ‘Life in Nepal’ section of Everest Uncensored. It’s not about ‘what posting’ but ‘where posting’ ‘How posting’. Like ‘ResponsibleOne’ said I really do consider EU a socially responsible blogger’s community and as a photographer I value other’s ‘Intellectual Property Right’ and wanted to draw small attention in this regard. Even I won’t allow EU Admin to use all those pictures which I’ve posted here in EU to use in other form and web (except this EU blog) without my consent and without photo credit.

    Picture above is itself not the property of and this is the reason why they have given photo courtesy to its original source “Naya Patrika” National Daily. Citing Web reference and Photo Courtesy is two different issues.

    Please allow me to excerpt a clause from ‘Code of Journalistic Ethic’ issued by Press Council Nepal. I hope it might be informative to EU and other concerned people.

    ACTS 4 (xiii) Not re-use without citing the source:
    With regard to news or publishing-broadcast material that has already been used by any other news agency or media, on shall not publish, broadcast or distribute the same again without citing the original source. While citing the original source the permission of the original source is generally required.

    Feel free to nudge me and definitely I will come up with more creative ideas for “Life in Nepal”.

  2. Shuuterbug – it was posted on and I see reference of the site here. When the site is quoted, what is wrong about the posting? The original site is getting credit.

  3. Shutterbug is right.
    Its irresponsible to use photo without proper credit and acknowledgement to its original source, specially by responsible site like EU. Moreover if EU is considered a community blog, does the description reflects the view of entire EU blogger community? as it is posted by administrator without any photographer’s name as it used to be in previous posts.

  4. भरिया ‘आबेग’ भारी ‘प्रचंड’ बोक्दै…नया नेपाल को नया वर्ग संघर्ष… 🙄

  5. As a regular visitor and photo commentator of EU I wonder about appropriateness of posting such picture of a political leader (without photo-credit to its original source) here in ‘Life in Nepal’ category of EU. This picture I guess could be appropriate in HUMER or OPINION category. Feel free to disagree my view.

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