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174. Monk giving idea for better life
Photo By: Prerena Shrestha

Captured at Lumbini, just near birth place of Lord Buddha. He is guiding disciple on how to improve for better life.

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Nishchal S

3 thoughts on “03-24-2008

  1. Well clicked and it could be a ‘better picture’ if photographer have included some audiences or visitors to whom the Monk was preaching his ideas of better life. Never hesitate to include additional subjects in the frame which help to tell full story of your subject in a better way. Though caption acknowledged the presence of audiences, picture above gives sense of an isolated Monk, as if he is having peaceful rest. Well I don’t have “ideas for better life” but I sure do have some ideas to share for better picture here in this EU blog 😉

    1. Never compose picture putting ‘subject’ in dead-center. If the subject is people or person do give some space toward the direction where your subjects are looking at. It’s called ‘Looking room’. (Not excluding Monk’s sandal picture above should have composed giving some more space including those colorful prayer flags at the left.)
    2. Try to see the world through viewfinder with the eye of a photographer. (Instead of pushing shutter in a numb moment of Monk, photographer should have clicked while Monk was speaking.)
    3. Crop out monotonous foreground. (Photographer could avoid this by slightly tilting up her camera, covering more portion of tree at the back.)

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