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162. Best method of Protesting…
Photo by: Abishesh’s  Friend

Those might be due to the recent government policy. Due to Terai Shut Down fuel are not sufficiently distributed all over the country. Some are buying petrol paying rs 300 per liter. People arroundKathmandu have started having banner as a protest to Government. “No Water, No Electricity, No Petrol, No Gas, Is there any Government or not?”

Picture taken at Kathmandu city.

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  1. Shutterbug

    ‘Life in Kathmandu’: It’s reality of Kathmandu and I (YOU’th) feel pity being not able to do something to make things better.

    One of the leading Weekly News Magazine “Samaya” (16 Falgun 2064) has published this reality as its cover shot. ‘Pictures’ speak louder than words and ‘words’ speak louder than action.

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