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151. Be My Valentine
Photo by: Milan Lamichhane

Description: Happy valentines day

11 thoughts on “02-14-2008

  1. Manish, you’re such old-fashioned and boring to have asked such a dull-witted question. Guesstimate and what pops out of your head is what happened afterwards. This is what my evil mind says, at the least.

  2. Heretic – If that was Rum and Coke, she already knew by now. I hope she enjoyed the drink too. 😉

    Manish – I don’t know what happen afterwards. But whatever happened, happened for good. 😉

  3. Hehe, that’s where my mind goes automatically… it’s rum and coke, but she doesn’t know it … well, not yet! She’ll find out tomorrow, though!! 😈 😈 😈

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