….तर मन त पत्थरकै जाती

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जीवनको गोरेटोमा बाधा अनि अड्चनहरुमाझ

अल्झिएर पछारीनु त छँदैछ साथी

चर्किन सक्छ, चोइटिन सक्छ यो मन

….तर मन त पत्थरकै जाती।


प्रहार त पक्कै सहनु पर्छ, समयको नियतिको भाग्यको

चोट सहनुपर्दा चोटै चोट माथि

कुच्चिन सक्छ, टुक्रिन सक्छ यो मन

….तर मन त पत्थरकै जाती।


सुखै सुख त कसलाई पो लेखेको होला र

अनेकौ ब्यथा कष्ट र पिडाले पाउँदा सास्ती

डढ्न सक्छ, पग्लन सक्छ यो मन

….तर मन त पत्थरकै जाती।


घाउ देख्दा मल्हम हैन नुन चुक छर्ने पनि छन यहाँ

पाउँदा घात धोका अनि लान्छनाहरु नाना भाँति

गिथलिन सक्छ, चुडिन सक्छ यो मन

….तर मन त पत्थरकै जाती।


अनेकौं बोझ समस्या र दिक्दारीका खातका खात

पश्चातापको भार त कति कति

भाँचिन सक्छ, लाछिन सक्छ यो मन

….तर मन त पत्थरकै जाती।

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  1. tilak

    I also got inspired by the Amber Gurung version:

    Bhagawan ta dhunga ko mutu pani dhunga kai
    Japnu bhanda Ram Ram jaati baru najape kai.

    ha ha ..

  2. tilak

    Here is another one:

    Komalo mutu bhanda dhunga kai mutu jaati
    Ek din ta prahaar hunchha dhal bhannu parchha chhati.

    – Amber Gurung.

  3. .

    कमलो भन्दा पत्थर भएकै जाति
    प्रहार हुन्छ नै ढाल हुनु पर्छ छाति

    - गोपाल योन्जन (?)

  4. hot_air

    can I say 2 things first? 1. very well written poem about the “mann” and 2. what an excellent assessment from basu.
    well spotted basu. now days u won’t be able to live happy with the “mann” which is not tough enough. i 100% agree that soft person suffers more in this world. its time ti be a “tough” person but not extremely tough though. we don want to lose our emotional aspects too! go for the balance. toughen up a bit. or else life is tough for u. iron cuts the iron.

  5. basu

    well written poem. excellent words and rhymes quite well too. I guess in this world we must have a “mann” of at least 25% “patthar” and rest 75% normal. or else the “mann” might breakdown too often even with the slight hardship. so I will go for 1/4 “patthar” ko mann and 3/4 real “mann”. this i guess will be the best solution. what do u think about my idea. basically my idea is NOT to be machine fully but only partly so that life could be tackeled a little better. waiting for any comments.

  6. Sita

    nice poem naba!!!
    mann ta pathar kai jaati…
    kambkhat ye dil naam ki chij khuda ne kyu banayi…
    na ye dil hota, na dard aur gum ka ehsaas hota..

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